77 Year Old Custodian Surprised With First Birthday Ever

When Frances (Ms. Frances) Buzzard came into work at Belle Elementary School on January 19th, she was expecting a regular day of custodial duties, but what Ms. Frances didn’t expect was a school wide surprise party for her 77th birthday. School communities become like family, especially if the kids are there for more than three years then all the staff become the child’s daytime family. So when Belle Elementary’s Principal, Amanda Mays discovered that Ms. Frances has never had a birthday party before, Amanda set out to change that. Cupcakes were made, kids were told to keep the secret and practiced a song, the staff even made a short video presentation in honor of Ms. Frances.

When everything was in place, Ms. Frances was called down to the lunchroom right after lunch period expecting to clean a spill or other such minor thing, but instead found about 200 of the school children, and the staff waiting with a surprise and a pink tiara for Ms. Frances. Ms. Frances will never forget the day that the school kids and staff came together to celebrate her special day. Stories such as these are what help shape young students into a more caring, giving individual. The education system comes under a lot of fire for under funding, pressure to reach the school numbers for state funding, and for kids to reach their specific developmental goals for the year so it’s a positive thing to see what makes schools tick and that’s the family created between staff and the kids in schools nationwide.

February 22, 2018

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