Drew Madden: An Expert In Healthcare Technology

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in the field of healthcare technology. Healthcare technology is an area that covers patient care and analysis. Madden has been working in this area for over ten years. He has witnessed advances and changes that have improved patient outcome.

One way this type of technology has improved outcomes is using tracking data. Patients give samples and take tests, and then doctors sort through the results to come up with a diagnosis and a treatment. Technology could bring all of these components together, and then present a combined report to the physicians to study. This task alone could save doctors hours of time, and treat patients faster.

The referral system between healthcare professions benefits from being linked to a technology-based system. For example, when a patient leaves an emergency room visit, they are often referred to a followup doctor. A followup referral system could track the patient and the referring office. Extending care after an emergency can prevent further and more costly treatments down the road.

Beacon technology can track patients and hospital staff. Tracking could reduce unnecessary wait times. Tracking departments create efficiency. When all parts are working together, things happen quicker and smoother. Monitoring, learning, and adjusting are one way to make these changes occur. Big medical entities with many moving parts, such as large hospitals, can monitor patient times and work to increase staff in the appropriate areas.

Opportunities exist to curtail medication errors using healthcare technology. Pharmacist, doctors, and nurses can work on getting and keeping patients compliant when taking medications. A study completed at Temple University discovered that patients taking their medication incorrectly created over 30% of the adverse reactions. If consumers use prescription drugs correctly, it could save the healthcare system millions of dollars. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Combining platforms with trained people in all areas will create a comprehensive healthcare package. The doctors will have the information in one place, and the insurance companies can provide faster authorizations.

Drew Madden continues to use his engineering and technical skills to coordinate specialist and patients. Drew Madden understands and strives to use education and experience to bridge healthcare between administration, healthcare workers, and patients. You can visit their Facebook page.

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February 27, 2018

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