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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Meets With Parkland Students

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On Thursday, March 7, 2018, US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos paid a visit to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of a mass shooting on February 14, 2018. While she was there, she spoke first with Ty Thompson, Principal, Assistant Principal Denise Reed, office staff, and guidance counselors. In the media center, she met with a few students, district representatives, and grief counselors.

Student Kyra Parrow asked Ms DeVos what plans she had to prevent future such incidents. The Secretary replied that her agenda was to make sure students all over the country were able to conduct their studies in a safe environment. She promised to implement solutions that were appropriate to the surroundings.

Honoring the Victims

After being led to the building where the tragedy occurred, DeVos laid a wreath along the fence surrounding the building to honor the victims of the shooting. Rather than speak to the student body as a whole, Secretary DeVos chose instead a more intimate approach and met with small groups of students at a time, offering her comfort and condolences. According to Principal Thompson, the purpose of the visit was to allow Ms DeVos an opportunity to thank the staff, experience the atmosphere, and understand what was really going on on campus. The secretary spent one hour at the school before moving on to a press conference at the Marriott Hotel.

Student Response

Many students felt honored that the education secretary had taken time out of her busy schedule to come out and meet them. Other students would have liked her to have spent more time answering questions.

March 31, 2018

Florida Posts First Nationally For Higher Education

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The United States state of Florida was recently named as having the best higher education programs, in general, across the nation.

Conversely, its public schools were ranked 40th overall in terms of grades pre-K through 12th.

According to U.S. News & World Report, a news agency that often ranks primary, secondary, and college-level schools for various accomplishments and standards on a regular basis, Massachusetts earned the title of first place around the nation.

These recent rankings weren’t based on any one or two select factors – rather, U.S. News & World Report researchers looked to a variety of meaningful factors.

Florida achieved the following ratings for this past school year:

• 43rd in high school graduation rates

• 42nd in National Assessment of Educational Progress scores in mathematics

• 41st in quality of pre-kindergarten

• In deviating from the aforementioned objectively low scores, Florida ranked 14th in college readiness

• 16th in preschool enrollment rates

Shifting the focus on Florida’s schools to its higher education rankings, the Sunshine State was listed as the best, overall, for higher education. Here’s how rankings in individual categories worked out:

• 2nd in lowest per student tuition and fees.

• 2nd in graduation rates for two-year colleges.

• 8th in four-year graduation rates.

• 6th in the lowest per student debt at graduation.

March 30, 2018

Sussex Health Care

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Sussex Healthcare was established in 1998 in Warnham, UK. It has become an award winning care service establishment and has helped thousands of families and individuals gain a peace of mind. It offers a home-like setting with state of the art technology to provide unprecedented support services and care.

Sussex Healthcare is always seeking to recruit new team members with a passion to help others. Job opportunities can be found across their 20 establishments. They are currently seeking to fulfill a wide range of positions such as:

Peripatetic Home Care Managers
Domestic Assistants
Senior Care Assistants
Activity Assistants
Kitchen Assistants
Care Home Team Leaders
Laundry Assistants
Support Workers
Registered Care Home Managers
Austism Leads
Payroll Supervisors
Maintenance technicians

For a full list of opportunities and job descriptions, visit

The company has both full and part time opportunities.

Sussex Employment Benefits
There are many perks for being apart of the Sussex organization. These include reduced rate services, free employee transportation, uniforms, pension and retirement plans. Double pay for holidays, friend referral bonuses and paid breaks. There are also many opportunities for growth and career advancement within the company.

The company offers comprehensive training at their head office in west Sussex. The training is designed to give the employee all the education, training and resources to fully equip and prepare them for the job. Training is offered to both entry level and current employees seeking apprenticeships and management roles.

Sussex Services and Specialties
It is important to understand the core values of the company, and the services that are offered at their facilities. Sussex specializes in care for seniors and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Sussex offers dementia, respite, Alzheimer’s, palliative care and more. They also have a wide range of leisure and educational activities for their residents. Their support services include physiotherapy and occupational therapy. These support services are offered on a 24/7 basis and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Sussex upholds only the highest standards of hospitality for their residents.

The company recently appointed a new CEO by the name of Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She has had over 30 years of expertise in the industry and is bringing forth innovative ideas to help the company grow.

Becoming apart of the Sussex family is an exciting experience, whether you are an employee or a resident.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click here.

March 29, 2018

Business Owner Bob Reina Urges People To Not Give Up On Finding Success

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Younger people usually have big dreams. They want to explore Mars one day or become the President of the United States one day, for example. The goal is awesome to be really wealthy and live in a mansion with two pools and secret passages all over.

However, as people get older they compromise their dreams. They have lowered expectations as the got school and work a job where they are often told to keep their heads down and just do their jobs. People begin to believe they’re average so why even try to reach their old dreams anymore since they are wildly unlikely to happen, most people tell themselves.

Entrepreneur Bob Reina wonders why so many people let things like fear and apathy take over their lives. People will settle for a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle and instead just imagining that in some other world they are as rich and successful as they once wanted to be. He says that people need to stop believing they’ve missed their shot to be successful as they want to be in life when in truth they haven’t even gotten onto the court.

Bob Reina has been pushing people to make more of their lives and attain their dreams over the past twenty years. He owns Talk Fusion which is an online video solutions firm. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida and his first professional job was as a police officer. However, he decided he wanted a lot more out of life than that so he decided to enter the direct marketing industry. After working for a number of other companies, many of which he would find great success with but then they would fall apart, he decided he had to start his own business.

Bob Reina says he puts a lot of effort and time into being a successful businessman. His weekdays start out at 5:30 a.m. when he goes through his emails and then sets the day’s agenda. He gets to his office by 8:30 and he spends his days collaborating with others, in meetings, and inspiring his team to achieve their best for the day. Learn more:

March 29, 2018

Jason Hope: Innovative Research Initiatives

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Jason hope is one of the most significant entrepreneurs found in the Arizona region. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters in business administration and has since gone on to support many philanthropic causes. None of them are more important than his support of anti-aging research organization at SENS foundation. In 2010 Jason donated half $1 million to the foundation. This donation was utilized in order to build and develop the Cambridge SENS laboratory. They also utilize the funds to develop new techniques and brand-new research that allowed the breakdown of advanced glycation end products in human tissue.

When asked about what made him so passionate about supporting this organization Jason stated that foundations like this take a different approach to treating aging. Instead of addressing the diseases as they occur these organizations are focused on developing ways to prevent them altogether.Jason hope is a well-known business figure in the Arizona area. He has managed to build considerable business success and developed an international reputation that is enviable. He continues to support modern scientific research and hopes to spur innovation throughout many industries. As a self-described futurist, he expects that he can set the example that individuals needed to help propel the world into a brighter tomorrow.

Another area of interest to Jason hope is the Internet of things. This is the name that is given to the network that connects devices to each other. He believes that the hospitality industry can benefit significantly from these technologies. As individuals around the world grow ever more connected having devices that are interconnected with each other will become more and more commonplace. Utilizing these technologies will allow consumers to walk into their hotel rooms and hope their smartphone up to the heating and cooling systems in their rooms. Eventually, things such as this will become expected rather than luxurious.The entire goal of the hospitality industry is to provide easy access to comfort and efficiency. The Internet of things is ideally suited to augment accommodations in a positive manner. They can offer solutions to numerous problems that are typically encountered by guests to hotels around the world. Many bars inside of hotel rooms can be monitored, billed, and restocked remotely and efficiently by utilizing these technologies. To take it a step further many bars could be stocks with a guest’s favorite items by connecting it to the devices to learn their preferences beforehand.

March 29, 2018

School Districts Face Student Protests

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The recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida has prompted students across the country to walk out of class in protest of gun violence, and more organized walkouts are expected. The call for students to exercise their First Amendment rights during the middle of a school day forces administrators to make tough decisions about how to handle large groups of students protesting on campus.

Some school districts have already drawn a line in the sand, vowing to discipline students who participate in an organized walkout, including threats of suspension. Others are collaborating with their student body to help plan on-campus walkout events. Those who have not yet taken a position should probably do so soon. The first walkout, organized by the Women’s March, is scheduled for March 21. Organizers have called for a 17-minute walkout, one minute for each of the Florida victims. Other demonstrations have been planned for March 21 and April 20, the anniversary of the Columbine mass shooting.

No matter the stance school districts take, their decision will be faced with sharp criticism. The superintendent in Needville, Texas vowed to suspend any student who walks out of class and was promptly lambasted on social media. In another community, parent outcry prompted a school to cancel a planned, coordinated walkout. Other school districts are requiring parental permission for a student to walk out of class.

Many students have claimed that the walkouts are necessary to put more focus on school safety and force legislators to pass stricter gun laws.

Regardless of a school district’s decision, it’s a decision that must be made with thoughtfulness and deliberation, and it must be adequately communicated to the community.

March 29, 2018

West Virginian Teachers to Receive Pay Raise

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After nine days of protest, West Virginian teachers and educational workers will receive a five-percent raise. State employees will also see an increase in pay.

MetroNews reported the state legislature struck a deal with educators on the morning of March 6. The House of Delegates and Senate passed the bill unanimously.

West Virginian teachers first garnered national attention after walking out of schools to protest stagnant wages. Teachers became frustrated with the lack of raises as well as increasing healthcare costs. Additionally, they called out the state, saying there needed to be a greater focus on education.

At first, Gov. Jim Justice proposed one- and two-percent increases in teachers’ pay. Not satisfied with that, educators continued their protests. Justice made other mistakes, too, including when he called teachers “dumb bunnies.” Teachers responded quickly and loudly, both at town halls and online.

But, with those comments behind them, educators and the state government both expressed their excitement after the deal was struck. Upon hearing the news the bill had passed in the legislature, teachers broke out into song, singing “Country Roads.”

Justice and state legislators were all smiles at a press conference held after the bill’s passage. “What a good day,” said Justice, who seemed relieved to have finally reached an agreement.

The teachers’ efforts really paid off and illustrated that palpable change can come about through political action. Educators and legislators worked together, prioritizing education and thus investing in the state’s future.

March 28, 2018

Michael Burwell Brings Years Of Experience To Wilils Towers

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Michael Burwell, the CFO of Willis Towers Watson India Careers, has a diversified background. His time spent at his former job shows his loyalty and commitment to the financial industry. He worked for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP for over thirty years and wore many hats during his time there. Raising through the ranks, he started as the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, and the Vice Chairman. He had experience in everything from auditing to financial planning when he worked for his former employer and brought all of those experiences to his job with Willis Tower.


It would seem Michael Burwell has had a plan for greatness from a young age. After graduating with a bachelor’s in business administration at Michigan State, he went on to hit the ground running consuming everything he could from each role he took on. In addition to auditing, he helped with transformation, due diligence before a merger, and offering innovative business solutions to help his clients succeed. He brought over ten years of auditing and transaction advisement services to Willis Towers. He says the former CFO has left him in a great place and the company can continue to thrive.


Willis Towers is a financial solution company that helps businesses in over one hundred companies worldwide. Roger Millay, the former CFO, retired in October of 2017 to make way for a new leader. The Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, said he’s excited to work with Michael Burwell and is looking forward to him bringing some of the things the company doesn’t have already. He lists his experience managing clients across the world and helping with auditing as great attributes to the company. On his side, Michael Burwell is excited about working with a company that has an inclusive culture and great leadership.


Willis Towers is known for giving solutions to companies to help them succeed and grow as a business. They manage the human capital of the company and the financial side. Michael Burwell has fit in well with the company and has kept the stock and the reputation of Willis Towers Watson. They continue to improve companies all over the world and help them meet their full potential.


Go To This Page for additional information.

March 26, 2018

Organo Gold Changing The Way People Drink Coffee And Tea

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It might come as no shock that coffee is one of the world’s most sought after beverages. Some of the new studies are saying that coffee and tea are healthy for you. Organo Gold is doing their best to make sure that the coffee and tea you drink is great for your health. They are offering products that are featuring Ganoderma. If you don’t know about this king of herbs, it is a staple hern used in Asia and it quickly becoming part of the Western world. It is also called the Reishi mushroom and it was used in Chinese medicine since the Ming Dynasty. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold understands that there are many ways for people to enjoy there beverages. They have designed many forms of coffee and teas and mixed in the Ganoderma for health benefits. Regardless of what you want to drink, you will find a beverage of choice that is sure to tempt your taste buds and provide antioxidants to help restore the body to a more natural condition. According to the Chinese this herb works wonders, why not try it for yourself?

There are many types of coffee that you could try, one of them is the Gourmet Black. It is full of flavor and bold as a black coffee should be. Imagine smelling that aroma of a freshly brewed coffee and tasting that robust flavor and knowing that you are about to experience a cup of coffee that is good for you. What a great way to kick start your day. The thing to remember is that almost everyone drinks coffee and tea. Because this is a global opportunity, there are many open areas where it will be easy to introduce the world to a healthy coffee and a better lifestyle.



There are so many things that can happen over a simple cup of hot coffee and with these amazing products like The king of coffee or Cafe Latte or even hot cocoa, you never know what can happen. Don’t wait, check out Organo Gold today and see what so many others already know.

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March 25, 2018

West Virginia Teachers Demanding Pay Increase Through Work Stoppage

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NPR recently reported that West Virginia public school teachers rallied in Charleston to demand increased pay and improved health care options. Even before the latest teach rally was set to begin, schools made the decision to close the evening prior so that students would not be showing up for class without teachers in the classroom. This affected all 55 counties in West Virginia.

Teachers are lobbying for legislation that would increase pay above the meager raise that has been signed by Gov. Jim Justice with Senate Bill 267. Until a solution is reached, teachers have threatened a continued work stoppage, which some lawmakers have said is illegal. There have been some rumblings that the state school board may pursue legal action or ask that an addendum be added to a bill to prevent teacher work stoppages in the future. Other lawmakers have tried to assure the public that there has been sufficient attention drawn to the issue of teacher pay and benefits that there will not need to be further work stoppages to convey teachers’ position on the issue. State lawmakers have deferred to individual counties to decide whether they will pursue legal action against teachers who continue to strike.

The last day that a teacher pay bill can pass in the current legislative session is February 28. Although the current session does not end until March 10, if the bill does not make it out of the current chamber by this Wednesday, it will not have sufficient time for a full vote.

March 24, 2018