Michael Hagele Gives Insight into Tech Field

The technology industry is a very powerful and important industry that is continuing to grow and develop. While the industry is very reliant on the innovators and people who develop the concepts, it also relies heavily on many other people that are necessary to support it. One individual that has continued to provide great support to the tech industry is Michael Hagele. Michael Hagele recently gave his feedback about the industry in a variety of interviews.

Michael Hagele is an attorney and investor in the technology industry. He is a University of Iowa graduate and went to law school soon after earnings his BA. After spending a few years in law school, he eventually got a job working for a firm in the Silicon Valley area where he got a lot of experience in the field and also met a lot of people. He has been providing a variety of legal services ever since. Beyond his legal services, he also provides his own capital in the form of investments to many clients located all over the country.

Part of the reason that Hagele continues to invest in the industry is that he sees a lot of future and potential in it. The industry is full of promising your startups that are coming up with technology that will help to change the world. One type of tech that he is most excited about is the AI and augmented reality industry. He believes that this type of technology could be used for a variety of purposes including entertainment, training, and medicine.

Hagele also gave some tips that help to define a good entrepreneur. He believes that someone that is coming up with a new business idea needs to be able to invest their whole time and lives into it. This can include working long hours and sacrificing other areas of life. While this may be a sacrifice for a while, it will pay off eventually to those that have a good idea and are able to successfully implement it. He also believes it is important to find time to be healthy by exercising. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-hagele


March 6, 2018

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