Michel Terpins – Bull Sertões Rally Team Race in the 25th Rally dos Sertões

The driving duo Michel Terpins, driver, and Maykel Justo, navigator, completes the third stage of the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally. The team won while driving the second prototype of T1 category MEM Motorsports’ T-Rex car. This is the second year Terpins has driven this type of rally car. MEM Motorsports took the car to new speeds and power through modifications.

The total 3,300 kilometer race is difficult with many turns and dangerous passages. The car operated by the team has won the award of Carbon Free seal of the Green Initiative organization. The CO2 expelled during the rally will be counteracted by the planting of trees in the Atlantic Forest.

Michel Terpins is not the only rally driver in his family. His brother, Rodrigo, has also spent his share of time behind the wheel of rally cars. Both have raced the Sertões Rally using the T-Rex by MEM Motorsports for the past four seasons. Both have also raced consecutively during the Brazilian Championship Cross Country Rally. The two have qualified to drive in the Mitsubishi Cup.

Maykel Justo told reporters that he was delighted to race in the rally at the side of Michel Terpins. He is concentrating on the seven stages of the Sertões Rally and is not looking at past successes. He realizes that this rally is not the same as the RN 1500 that they just completed.

Michel Terpins drove the T-Rex with Maykel Justo navigating as they progressed through the third stage in the rally that began in Santa Terezinha de Goiás and concluded the 306 km in Aruanã. They were forced to slow due to mechanical problems that occurred in the Marathon stage. Unfortunately, their mechanic crew could not reach them until the end of the day. Even with the delay due to a broken gearbox and damaged rear suspension, they managed to complete the stage in fourth place and tenth overall.

In this year’s Rally dos Sertões there are 280 drivers, pilots, and navigators competing for the top spot. 161 vehicles of various types that include automobiles, quadricycles, and motorcycles will race across the 3,300.06 km total race.

March 8, 2018

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