How Talkspace Became a Favorite for Shy People

Talk-space is the app that people are doing a lot of talk about. This has become a major app for people that need therapy that do not necessarily want to go and talk to a therapist. The app has managed to grow in popularity largely because it is connected to a core base of users that do not have a desire to talk face-to-face with someone.

With this app texting is the concept that comes in place. This is great because it allows many people that are not interested in utilizing any type of vocal communication to become connected with a licensed therapist that can simply give you advice through a text message.

Many people have come to prefers Talkspace because they feel that it is very much like an app that allows them to chat the same way they would chat with a friend. They do not feel compelled to pick up the phone and make a call. They do not feel like they are in a place where they have pick up the phone and answer every question that has been posed. This is what makes it a lot more comforting for the millennial generation that has embraced texting. It also makes it easier for people that may have a need for a therapist with no time to really spare with long phone conversations or in-office visits.

With Talkspace people get the chance to open up about things that they may never actually verbalize. They may not want to talk about it, but they may need some quick advice that they can get without spending a lot of money. Getting with a Talkspace therapist is a lot cheaper than a traditional therapist so this is one of the reasons that this has become popular for very shy people.

March 15, 2018

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