Jason Hope: Innovative Research Initiatives

Jason hope is one of the most significant entrepreneurs found in the Arizona region. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters in business administration and has since gone on to support many philanthropic causes. None of them are more important than his support of anti-aging research organization at SENS foundation. In 2010 Jason donated half $1 million to the foundation. This donation was utilized in order to build and develop the Cambridge SENS laboratory. They also utilize the funds to develop new techniques and brand-new research that allowed the breakdown of advanced glycation end products in human tissue.

When asked about what made him so passionate about supporting this organization Jason stated that foundations like this take a different approach to treating aging. Instead of addressing the diseases as they occur these organizations are focused on developing ways to prevent them altogether.Jason hope is a well-known business figure in the Arizona area. He has managed to build considerable business success and developed an international reputation that is enviable. He continues to support modern scientific research and hopes to spur innovation throughout many industries. As a self-described futurist, he expects that he can set the example that individuals needed to help propel the world into a brighter tomorrow.

Another area of interest to Jason hope is the Internet of things. This is the name that is given to the network that connects devices to each other. He believes that the hospitality industry can benefit significantly from these technologies. As individuals around the world grow ever more connected having devices that are interconnected with each other will become more and more commonplace. Utilizing these technologies will allow consumers to walk into their hotel rooms and hope their smartphone up to the heating and cooling systems in their rooms. Eventually, things such as this will become expected rather than luxurious.The entire goal of the hospitality industry is to provide easy access to comfort and efficiency. The Internet of things is ideally suited to augment accommodations in a positive manner. They can offer solutions to numerous problems that are typically encountered by guests to hotels around the world. Many bars inside of hotel rooms can be monitored, billed, and restocked remotely and efficiently by utilizing these technologies. To take it a step further many bars could be stocks with a guest’s favorite items by connecting it to the devices to learn their preferences beforehand.

March 29, 2018

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