Florida Posts First Nationally For Higher Education

The United States state of Florida was recently named as having the best higher education programs, in general, across the nation.

Conversely, its public schools were ranked 40th overall in terms of grades pre-K through 12th.

According to U.S. News & World Report, a news agency that often ranks primary, secondary, and college-level schools for various accomplishments and standards on a regular basis, Massachusetts earned the title of first place around the nation.

These recent rankings weren’t based on any one or two select factors – rather, U.S. News & World Report researchers looked to a variety of meaningful factors.

Florida achieved the following ratings for this past school year:

• 43rd in high school graduation rates

• 42nd in National Assessment of Educational Progress scores in mathematics

• 41st in quality of pre-kindergarten

• In deviating from the aforementioned objectively low scores, Florida ranked 14th in college readiness

• 16th in preschool enrollment rates

Shifting the focus on Florida’s schools to its higher education rankings, the Sunshine State was listed as the best, overall, for higher education. Here’s how rankings in individual categories worked out:

• 2nd in lowest per student tuition and fees.

• 2nd in graduation rates for two-year colleges.

• 8th in four-year graduation rates.

• 6th in the lowest per student debt at graduation.

March 30, 2018

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