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Betsy DeVos Visit To Dallas Met With Protests

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United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos drew a crowd of protesters recently while visiting Billy Earl Dade middle school in Dallas, Texas. The actions of Dallas residents in response to the visit by DeVos is becoming a common occurrence where ever the embattled Education Secretary goes.

The demonstrations were organized by the Texas Organizing Project in conjunction with the Next Generation Action Network but also drew community support from members of a number of other organizations. The groups stood in protest of what they say is a desire by DeVos to privatize school education.

DeVos entered the school by way of a rear entrance and probably did not see the more than 100 people present in the front of Billy Earl Dade middle school, many of them taking part in chants of “our children are not for sale.”

Joyce Foreman, a school board member for the Dallas Independent School District was present at the protests and expressed concern that DeVos made a visit to the city. Foreman explains that the concepts of charters, privatization, and vouchers that seem to be central to the message of DeVos are concepts with which the school board member has major problems.

The trip to Dallas By DeVos is a result of a March meeting she had in Washington with an organization known as Urban Specialists. Urban Specialists does work with at-risk youth in the city of Dallas. When meeting with Urban Specialists in March, DeVos expressed her desire to come to Dallas and get a first-hand look at the group in action.

April 30, 2018

Mr. Arjun Kapur Invents GoBuyside for Easy Talent Recruitment

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For those who want to streamline their recruitment processes, social media accounts as well as aggregate resumes, GoBuyside is here to help. Established in 2011, the company is the major success story of one brilliant talent recruiter, Mr. Arjun Kapur. Having majored in business administration from the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business, he delved into the industry of finance and set out to pursue different career roles within the same job industry. While working in one of the many companies he was employed in, Kapur noted that there were challenges cropping from recruitment and more than anything else, it was just almost impossible to find the right candidate for the job. Additionally, he realized that the hiring cycle was compromised by candidates who presented undocumented academic credentials that lacked transparency. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

Background Information

From that moment, Kapur took it upon himself to try and find viable solutions for the problem. He began to construct a better and efficient recruitment process for finance companies. The first brand name that struck him was GoBuyside. This is a technology based platform that enables companies to hire highly-qualified individuals. Coupled with a closed-end network that has tracking systems and qualified talent recruiters to take every applicant through the recruitment policies, GoBuyside has immensely revolutionized talent recruitment.


Moreover, this application uses nuanced parameters to identify as well as screen every candidate and only select the one that fits a client’s bill. Most importantly, the application has vastly grown since its establishment and until now, it has served 10,000 firms across 500 cities in the universe. But just how does Kapur manage to please all these clients?


Additional Information

Kapur’s success in pleasing his clients is attributed to his transparency. Through his past experiences and personal ethics, he learned the value of fostering friendly work relations with clients. As such, he created GoBuyside in a manner that it allows clients to countercheck their applicant’s resume against their professed qualifications. That way, it becomes easy to identify the right candidate for the job.

The Overview

Well, Kapur has managed to make the talent recruitment process easy for most people as GoBuyside allows the particular employee to review compensation, bonuses and entrepreneurial networks within their expertise. In return, employers get to benefit from some of the hard working teams there are in various industries. For GoBuyside, only the best candidates matter. So therefore, the recruitment process can be trusted to give employers only the best. Read more about GoBuyside at

April 30, 2018

Latest Teacher Walkour Proves It Really is “For the Students”

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Long hours, low pay, and inadquate resources mean that the teachers who stay do it because they love thier jobs, and when asked why they deal with all the stress and terrible conditions most say they do it “for the students.” Not for the breaks, which many teachers spend working or because they like being incharge, or for any other reasons. The latest series of walkouts, in Kansas and Oklahoma, prove that these teachers really are just worried about thier students and the walkouts are really just about providing better opportunities for students who have suffered under the budget cuts.

According to Huffpost, the biggest supporters of these teachers are thier students, many of who have joined in the protests in one way or another. These students have suffered from years of budget cuts and increased testing, and want to see a change in the public school system. Rather than abandoning the public school system like the current administration is trying to do, they would like to see more money and more resources given to the schools so failing systems can fix their problems and give every American student a chance at a good education.

The students want legislators to know that thier opinion counts, and when they can vote they will remember who voted against their best interests and vote those polititions out of office. Some of them have even taken to wearing shirts that show when they will turn 18 in order to make sure their message is clear.

April 29, 2018

Oklahoma Educators Fight For Increased School Spending

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It was not an unusual occurrence for hundreds of teachers in Oklahoma to leave their homes early on a Monday morning. What was different, however, is that instead of heading to their classrooms, they converged on the state capitol building in Oklahoma City to protest what they feel is neglect from politicians in the state regarding funding for schools.

State lawmakers passed a bill on Friday that would increase the average yearly salary of educators in the state by about $6,000. To pay for this the state will enact the first increase in taxes that have been imposed by the state legislature in nearly 30 years.

The problem, as far as the teachers are concerned, is that the legislature ignored a major part of the part of the demand made by teachers: More funding for classrooms that they say are overcrowding and grossly lacking in resources.

Teachers from around the state took part in the demonstrations and received support from superintendents that closed schools so that the educators could converge on the capitol building.

The teachers have been organized by the Oklahoma Educators Association and are uncompromising in their demand for more money to be spent on the education of children in the state.

Educators showed up again on Tuesday in what may have been larger numbers and literally flooded the capitol building. By 10:00 A.M., the capitol building had reached its capacity for occupancy and traffic in and out was at a standstill.

The teachers have vowed that they will not stop the protests until the schools receive the funding they need.

April 28, 2018

How High School Dropouts can Go Back to School

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According to, about 1.2 million students drop out of schools every year in the United States alone. Most of these dropouts needed to pay the bills or take care of their child. With no high school diploma, a decent job is hard to find, and an expensive GED program isn’t possible. However, a new program launched by Goodwill industries is helping dropouts turn their life around.
Goodwill Industries is providing people with a second shot at school through its new program, Goodwill Excel. Goodwill excel accepts students of any age, unlike many similar programs that turn down anyone over the age of 25. This means that people who went their whole life with no high school diploma, no knowledge of higher level math or reading, can now complete these basic schools tasks.
Politicians tend to support these schools because they create more jobs. As any good politician knows, more unfilled jobs equals a better economy. Goodwill and independent philanthropists used to fund the schools themselves, but after lobbying for government funding, they eventually gained support.
The pioneering new program has schools set up all over the country, with locations in Arkansas, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, and several coming to five other states soon. At each school, students have access to a life coach, child care, transportation, and other services to make school more accessible to everyone.

April 27, 2018

In the Capable Hands Of Flavio Maluf

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Flavio Maluf was born in Brazil back in 1961 and was raised there, schooling to become an engineer. He attended the Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP) and qualified to become a mechanical engineer. However, he did not go straight into working as an engineer. He flew to the United States and settled in the New York to study administration at the New York University. During his studies, he also worked as a tutor. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Apparently, study and work were not the only things that the charismatic Flavio Maluf did while he was on American soil. The Brazilian scholar had also been busy socializing, so busy that he won himself a wife on American soil. When the time came for Flavio to return home, he took with him a lovely damsel by the name JacquelineTorres, with whom he got blessed with three great and intelligent kids. Safely back at home, Flavio finally joined the Eucatex Group in 1987.

The Eucatex Group did not assign the engineer an engineering oriented position. He served in the trade department but was soon enough transferred to production. His performance was impeccable, and the president of the Eucatex Group obliged to nominate him to the company’s board. One year later, less than a decade after joining the Eucatex Group as a rookie, Mr. Flavio Maluf was elected to the presidency of the company because of his outstanding contributions to the company and his impeccable work ethic.

Since his ascent to the company’s top position, Flavio has since used the company’s helm to increase production but has done so sustainably, even opening a recycling plant to maximize the uses natural resources while reusing and conserving them. The president of the Eucatex Group has also been revamping the management of the company, making it more innovative and efficient.

Mr. Flavio considers his leadership at the company as consultative and dedicated. He is said to be ever present in all major decision making but has always found a way not to center all company decision making to him. He motivates his colleagues and challenges them never to waste any opportunities that could allow them to treat the environment better, to increase production and of course, to fasten their grip on their market through efficiency and high-quality production.



April 26, 2018

Clay Hutson Manages It All

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People may know the contemporary pop singer Halsey through her songs on the radio, or they may have seen her accompany favorite acts like the Kooks and Imagined Dragons on tour. But now she is gearing up to headline her very own tour. After releasing her music on social media and signing with Astralwerks in 2014, Halsey achieved her first top ten hit with “Bad at Love” proving that she is good at music and ready to showcase her talents.

With a diverse set of influences including Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, Tupac, and Coldplay, Halsey can compliment a variety of other artists and entertain many different acts on her international tour. Kehlani is set to join her on the Australian and New Zealand legs, while Lauren Jauregul of Fifth Harmony will make an appearance in Latin America, Jessie Reyez is scheduled to perform for the North American dates and an Indonesian singer named Niki will be in Asia.

With a star-studded lineup, these ladies will need plenty of guidance to ensure the show runs smoothly. Halsey has put her trust in tour manager Clay Hutson who has impressive experience with names like Guns & Roses, Pink, Prince, and Kelly Clarkson. He is ideal for the job because of his experience running his own company. The ups and downs he goes through as an entrepreneur equip him for the role of managing a touring crew.

He started his company during a difficult time, the economy was in recession, but he pushed himself and secured dependable clients allowing him to make profit relatively quickly. He mentions going through difficult times that set him back not only financially but personally as well. He recounts a time when he subcontracted with a company, working with one of their clients. The client decided not to continue with that company but did so with Hutson’s company. Unfortunately, that company sued Hutson and set him back about $150,00, but Hutson managed to move forward. Hutson relies heavily on referrals to continue working as well as keeping his website up to date and connecting with people in his industry via Linkedin. Learn more:

Hutson is a live sound engineer and a production manager. He outlines his services on his website, some of them being production design and management, show production, logistics management, stage management and rigging.

April 23, 2018

Oklahoma Teachers Walking Out For Higher Pay

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Students are not the only ones staging “walkouts” in the state of Oklahoma. All this week, school across the state of Oklahoma were forced to close their doors as many of their teachers staged a walkout and marched on the state capitol. The reason for the walkout is perplexing to some but for the teachers involved the message is clear: fair pay and proper funding.

The walkout comes just one week after the Governor signed a bill that would give teachers a wage increase of around 18%. This move seemed to make the problem worse however, as many teachers felt the move was just a temporary stop gap to keep the issue hidden.

Over 1,000 teachers have been part of this week’s flooding of the state capitol building and nearly 40,000 teachers have taken part in the state-wide walkout. They are saying that they are underpaid and their classrooms do not have the funding they need. There have been numerous reports of classrooms that do not have enough chairs for their students and teachers needing to work a second job just to keep food on their family’s table.

There is some sentiment that the teachers are grandstanding and the timing of the walkout is being questioned. Last week was spring break in most Oklahoma school districts and, with the walkout beginning Monday, many are saying that the teachers are just extending their vacations. One thing is for certain: getting the teachers back to work as soon as possible should be the priority of the state.

April 20, 2018

What are Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks? A Hoax or Treasure?

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The Investment fraternity in the US was almost brought to a standstill by the videos that were doing rounds, with Matt Badiali holding Checks that seemed to have been issued by the National Treasury. Actually, it was one check worth over $114. Matt Badiali is a known investor and a consultant in business investment. The fact that it was him holding the sensational check, raised many eyebrows. News media agents sought to establish what exactly the checks were. It turns out that, although the checks seemed some kind of sales promotional stunt, they actually exist, legally. While the term freedom Checks is purely a creation of the business mogul, the checks he was referring to are a product of a formal arrangement that allows some companies to operate tax-free because of meeting some conditions laid out in Statute 26-F.

How Badiali Stumbled on his Freedom Checks

It has been reported that Matt Badiali was recently working on a project for another multimillionaire investor in the oil and gas industry. The project allowed Mr. Badiali to interact with the chiefs of the oil and gas companies. He soon came across information regarding a 1987 Congress law that allowed some companies to operate without being taxed on two conditions. That they must, firstly, be dealing in the exploration of oil and gas in the US, or the transportation of the same. Secondly, such companies must derive 90% of their profits from the activities mentioned and agree to distribute 90% of their profits to the shareholders. Mr. Badiali sensed the value in the checks and decided to let his fans know about their existence. So, it is true, there are checks that can pay better than 401(K) or any other government program. It should also be noted that the checks that are paid by any of the group of companies referred to as Master Limited Partnership Companies are not government checks. They are simply a product of the law. The government’ only role is to allow for the tax rebate. Visit the website to learn more.

Master Limited Partnerships

MLPs are companies that have complied with Statute 26-F. In other words, they are companies that explore and transport oil and gas in the United States. There are only 568 such companies in the US at the moment. The rationale behind Badiali’s Freedom Checks is that they pay lots more than other investments on the market. Indeed, MLPs have been reported to be on course to pay over $38 billion by the end of 2018. The MLP concept was informed by the fact that America needs to become energy sufficient. So, the Statute was intended to encourage companies to invest in oil and gas exploration. Investing in an MLP means that you stand a chance to be paid much more for your investment. The company is obliged by law to pay out 90% of its profits to shareholders. That means financial freedom for many shareholders. So the concept of Freedom Checks is born out of the possibility to become free financially; if one invests in an MLP. Visit:




April 20, 2018

Nick Vertucci Believes There’s No Point too Low That You Can’t Come Back From

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Nick Vertucci is a man who hopes to inspire people both with his own personal story and through what he’s discovered through real estate buying and flipping. He travels around doing short seminars and encourages people to learn how to become property owners who can multiply their earnings sooner than they think at his NV Real Estate Academy. Vertucci says it took him about 10 years to fully understand how real estate markets work and to know which pitfalls to avoid and which little-known tools to use that can be of great benefit. He’s assembled other experts at his academy who know the field of real estate quite well, and the academy has not only classroom instruction but has its attendees out in the field seeing how developments are working, and even once their coursework is over they can contact the academy for continuing support.

Before he realized what real estate could do or even considered going into the field, Nick Vertucci struggled in life. When he was only 10 his father died, and the rest of his family had little means to support themselves. He was homeless at age 18 and looking for any kind of job he could get. After working a few odd jobs, he came across an opportunity to make money selling computer parts, and as luck would have it there was a pretty high demand for them at the time. Nick Vertucci soon built his own business and was making enough money that he was able to buy a house, and he married a girl he had met and started raising a family. But all of this was short-lived because in the year 2000 the stock market took a turn for the worse as the tech industry bubble collapsed, and his business went under with it.

Nick Vertucci found himself way over his head in debt because of what happened to his business, and for over a year didn’t know how to beat it. But from a little bit of luck, he heard about a seminar on real estate that after much contemplation he decided to attend. He later said it was the best decision he ever made in his life because he learned things about the field he never had even thought of. Vertucci had to do a lot of research on his own to figure out how to make real estate really work for him, but he was soon buying properties and renting and selling them and seeing his finances change from being deep in debt to achieving the freedom he had never before had. He decided to use some of his money to start the NV Real Estate Academy, and it’s made a huge difference in many people’s lives.

April 20, 2018