Getting Educated For A Career in Venture Capital

Recently Tech Crunch released an article entitled Where Did Venture Capitalists Go To College?. After analyzing 4,500 investment partners from American and Canadian venture capital firms, the conclusion seems to be that it’s where you go to school, more than what exactly is studied, that helps to predict your success at entering the venture capital game.

So where do venture capitalists go to school? The answer, is brief, is prestigious schools. Harvard, Stanford, and other Ivy League schools are the ones that produce the most graduates who go on to become venture capitalists. About half of these people hold an MBA. Many hold doctorate degrees. Yet the subjects they studied are diverse.

What does this mean for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of venture capital? Well, for the bright and gifted who have access to scholarships, and for those who are independently wealthy and can afford to do so, studying at an Ivy League institution might make a lot of sense. These universities offer some of the best educational programs in the world, and they offer their students to network with the best and the brightest students as well as exceptional professors.

Yet for those who are not able to afford an Ivy League education, don’t despair! The world at large, and especially the world of education, is changing rapidly. Each and every day there are new opportunities to better yourself. So study online, maybe enroll in a course, and keep pursuing your dreams!

April 3, 2018

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