Colleges Are Now Teaching Millenials How To Give Back

If there is one thing that young people have always held from generation to generation, it is their sense of idealism. Millennials, however, are actually looking for ways to implement their idealistic values. This is in contrast to previous generations that felt idealistic but lacked the will or opportunity to pursue their idealism. Given their nature and beliefs, millennials have been labeled as practical idealists.

Millenials are partially responsible for the shift in the way businesses conduct operations. The previous generation thought it was impractical and not the duty of companies to make the world a better place. Millenials have a different take on this. They want and expect their jobs to have an element where they can give back or change the world for the better.

One survey found that millennials feel powerless to effect change on some of the most pressing social issues. Their attitude at work reflects a different sentiment. The same study found that millennials feel like they can make a difference at work and are heavily engaged there. Employers have taken notice and are now offering ways to give back and fight for change as a way of attracting top millennial talent to fill jobs.

This trend has also caught on in higher education as well. Colleges such as Georgetown University are now placing emphasis on how students can both secure good-paying jobs after graduating and make a difference at those same jobs as well. Making good money does not have to take a back seat to making money. Millenials are the driving force behind this, and it seems this idea has now permeated business and education. Let us hope this is for the better.

April 5, 2018

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