Southridge Capital — Your Marketplace Insight for Customizing Public Companies Through Hard Issues

So, you are part of specific groups or an entrepreneur seeking to open and increase the size of a business. Even so, for your first objective, you should prepare to face different problems — which is possibly unidentified at the start and may continue consequently. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options for various answers to your approach. Be mindful; every public company will require a full range of advanced financial solutions during these times.

The good news is Southridge Capital is the marketplace insight for customizing public companies through hard issues. Southridge is headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and it has other offices in Los Angeles, California, Ontario, Canada and New York, N.Y. Also; the firm started up in 1996, and Stephen Hicks is the CEO and Chairman.

Hicks is directing the business’ core executive team which is ready using both expertise and skills. Southridge Capital advises growing companies from the beginning and provides services to meet every need. They offer legal resolution services aimed to clarify litigation settling. In short, they secure their companies with the best actions to take in minimizing both expenses and time, which its clients incur regarding legal requirements.

However, CEO Stephen Hicks announced on behalf of Southridge Partners II — previously Southridge Capital — becoming part of an agreement with Elayaway, which became an ideal partnership. Thus, Elayaway started up in the last part of 2006. Therefore, with their merger agreement, Elayaway and Southridge Partners II will give retailers a chance to increase their customer base by the millions made up of credit-conscious shoppers. Unquestionably, many consumers know that credit awareness is a particular aspect of all-around financial health.

Likewise, shoppers will be inclined to meet their budget by picking the best convenient payment plan. Already, Southridge Partners II has been a successful player because of giving out more than $1.5 billion in investment to businesses. Definitely, as a diverse financial holding organization, Southridge made a wise move by entering into the equity purchase agreement with Elayaway.

Lastly, you can enjoy more facts about Southridge Capital on Facebook and Twitter. And, be sure to review the firm’s blogs, which is recommended by Southridge Capital Management.

April 6, 2018

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