CSNU Too Scared To Teach Again – Here’s Why

People have a tendency to be more mean, impersonal, and cruel over the Internet because they can’t see others’ faces or figures, and vice-versa. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web has effectively spawned a new era of trolling, all because of anonymity provided by the system.

While the Internet is objectively great, the following application of its anonymity-promoting features surely isn’t.

Karin Stanford, a professor of Africana Studies and former Associate Dean at California State University Northridge, has publicly refused to teach students after claiming the university didn’t do its job in handling a serious online threat.

As a teacher of a class named American Political Institutions: A Black Perspective, she certainly ruffled a few proverbial feathers of her students. Ms. Stanford believes the threat in question came after asking the following question as part of the aforementioned course through its online component:

Donald Trump frequently made statements of an ___________ nature throughout this presidential campaign.

Select one:

• A. anti-Mexican

• B. anti-Muslim

• C. anti-woman

• D. all of the above

The following sentiment, found in the form of a comment on the digital publication Campus Reform, stated the following:

This is government abuse. Somebody shoot her in the face.

According to Ms. Stanford, she allegedly quickly reported the post to the schools’ police force, though neither police nor her coworkers – not anyone at Cal State Northridge – has made her feel safe enough to return.

April 17, 2018

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