What are Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks? A Hoax or Treasure?

The Investment fraternity in the US was almost brought to a standstill by the videos that were doing rounds, with Matt Badiali holding Checks that seemed to have been issued by the National Treasury. Actually, it was one check worth over $114. Matt Badiali is a known investor and a consultant in business investment. The fact that it was him holding the sensational check, raised many eyebrows. News media agents sought to establish what exactly the checks were. It turns out that, although the checks seemed some kind of sales promotional stunt, they actually exist, legally. While the term freedom Checks is purely a creation of the business mogul, the checks he was referring to are a product of a formal arrangement that allows some companies to operate tax-free because of meeting some conditions laid out in Statute 26-F.

How Badiali Stumbled on his Freedom Checks

It has been reported that Matt Badiali was recently working on a project for another multimillionaire investor in the oil and gas industry. The project allowed Mr. Badiali to interact with the chiefs of the oil and gas companies. He soon came across information regarding a 1987 Congress law that allowed some companies to operate without being taxed on two conditions. That they must, firstly, be dealing in the exploration of oil and gas in the US, or the transportation of the same. Secondly, such companies must derive 90% of their profits from the activities mentioned and agree to distribute 90% of their profits to the shareholders. Mr. Badiali sensed the value in the checks and decided to let his fans know about their existence. So, it is true, there are checks that can pay better than 401(K) or any other government program. It should also be noted that the checks that are paid by any of the group of companies referred to as Master Limited Partnership Companies are not government checks. They are simply a product of the law. The government’ only role is to allow for the tax rebate. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

Master Limited Partnerships

MLPs are companies that have complied with Statute 26-F. In other words, they are companies that explore and transport oil and gas in the United States. There are only 568 such companies in the US at the moment. The rationale behind Badiali’s Freedom Checks is that they pay lots more than other investments on the market. Indeed, MLPs have been reported to be on course to pay over $38 billion by the end of 2018. The MLP concept was informed by the fact that America needs to become energy sufficient. So, the Statute was intended to encourage companies to invest in oil and gas exploration. Investing in an MLP means that you stand a chance to be paid much more for your investment. The company is obliged by law to pay out 90% of its profits to shareholders. That means financial freedom for many shareholders. So the concept of Freedom Checks is born out of the possibility to become free financially; if one invests in an MLP. Visit: https://freedomchecks.com/




April 20, 2018

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