Clay Hutson Manages It All

People may know the contemporary pop singer Halsey through her songs on the radio, or they may have seen her accompany favorite acts like the Kooks and Imagined Dragons on tour. But now she is gearing up to headline her very own tour. After releasing her music on social media and signing with Astralwerks in 2014, Halsey achieved her first top ten hit with “Bad at Love” proving that she is good at music and ready to showcase her talents.

With a diverse set of influences including Alanis Morisette, Nirvana, Tupac, and Coldplay, Halsey can compliment a variety of other artists and entertain many different acts on her international tour. Kehlani is set to join her on the Australian and New Zealand legs, while Lauren Jauregul of Fifth Harmony will make an appearance in Latin America, Jessie Reyez is scheduled to perform for the North American dates and an Indonesian singer named Niki will be in Asia.

With a star-studded lineup, these ladies will need plenty of guidance to ensure the show runs smoothly. Halsey has put her trust in tour manager Clay Hutson who has impressive experience with names like Guns & Roses, Pink, Prince, and Kelly Clarkson. He is ideal for the job because of his experience running his own company. The ups and downs he goes through as an entrepreneur equip him for the role of managing a touring crew.

He started his company during a difficult time, the economy was in recession, but he pushed himself and secured dependable clients allowing him to make profit relatively quickly. He mentions going through difficult times that set him back not only financially but personally as well. He recounts a time when he subcontracted with a company, working with one of their clients. The client decided not to continue with that company but did so with Hutson’s company. Unfortunately, that company sued Hutson and set him back about $150,00, but Hutson managed to move forward. Hutson relies heavily on referrals to continue working as well as keeping his website up to date and connecting with people in his industry via Linkedin. Learn more:

Hutson is a live sound engineer and a production manager. He outlines his services on his website, some of them being production design and management, show production, logistics management, stage management and rigging.

April 23, 2018

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