In the Capable Hands Of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf was born in Brazil back in 1961 and was raised there, schooling to become an engineer. He attended the Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP) and qualified to become a mechanical engineer. However, he did not go straight into working as an engineer. He flew to the United States and settled in the New York to study administration at the New York University. During his studies, he also worked as a tutor. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Apparently, study and work were not the only things that the charismatic Flavio Maluf did while he was on American soil. The Brazilian scholar had also been busy socializing, so busy that he won himself a wife on American soil. When the time came for Flavio to return home, he took with him a lovely damsel by the name JacquelineTorres, with whom he got blessed with three great and intelligent kids. Safely back at home, Flavio finally joined the Eucatex Group in 1987.

The Eucatex Group did not assign the engineer an engineering oriented position. He served in the trade department but was soon enough transferred to production. His performance was impeccable, and the president of the Eucatex Group obliged to nominate him to the company’s board. One year later, less than a decade after joining the Eucatex Group as a rookie, Mr. Flavio Maluf was elected to the presidency of the company because of his outstanding contributions to the company and his impeccable work ethic.

Since his ascent to the company’s top position, Flavio has since used the company’s helm to increase production but has done so sustainably, even opening a recycling plant to maximize the uses natural resources while reusing and conserving them. The president of the Eucatex Group has also been revamping the management of the company, making it more innovative and efficient.

Mr. Flavio considers his leadership at the company as consultative and dedicated. He is said to be ever present in all major decision making but has always found a way not to center all company decision making to him. He motivates his colleagues and challenges them never to waste any opportunities that could allow them to treat the environment better, to increase production and of course, to fasten their grip on their market through efficiency and high-quality production.



April 26, 2018

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