How High School Dropouts can Go Back to School

According to, about 1.2 million students drop out of schools every year in the United States alone. Most of these dropouts needed to pay the bills or take care of their child. With no high school diploma, a decent job is hard to find, and an expensive GED program isn’t possible. However, a new program launched by Goodwill industries is helping dropouts turn their life around.
Goodwill Industries is providing people with a second shot at school through its new program, Goodwill Excel. Goodwill excel accepts students of any age, unlike many similar programs that turn down anyone over the age of 25. This means that people who went their whole life with no high school diploma, no knowledge of higher level math or reading, can now complete these basic schools tasks.
Politicians tend to support these schools because they create more jobs. As any good politician knows, more unfilled jobs equals a better economy. Goodwill and independent philanthropists used to fund the schools themselves, but after lobbying for government funding, they eventually gained support.
The pioneering new program has schools set up all over the country, with locations in Arkansas, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, and several coming to five other states soon. At each school, students have access to a life coach, child care, transportation, and other services to make school more accessible to everyone.

April 27, 2018

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