Latest Teacher Walkour Proves It Really is “For the Students”

Long hours, low pay, and inadquate resources mean that the teachers who stay do it because they love thier jobs, and when asked why they deal with all the stress and terrible conditions most say they do it “for the students.” Not for the breaks, which many teachers spend working or because they like being incharge, or for any other reasons. The latest series of walkouts, in Kansas and Oklahoma, prove that these teachers really are just worried about thier students and the walkouts are really just about providing better opportunities for students who have suffered under the budget cuts.

According to Huffpost, the biggest supporters of these teachers are thier students, many of who have joined in the protests in one way or another. These students have suffered from years of budget cuts and increased testing, and want to see a change in the public school system. Rather than abandoning the public school system like the current administration is trying to do, they would like to see more money and more resources given to the schools so failing systems can fix their problems and give every American student a chance at a good education.

The students want legislators to know that thier opinion counts, and when they can vote they will remember who voted against their best interests and vote those polititions out of office. Some of them have even taken to wearing shirts that show when they will turn 18 in order to make sure their message is clear.

April 29, 2018

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