Betsy DeVos Visit To Dallas Met With Protests

United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos drew a crowd of protesters recently while visiting Billy Earl Dade middle school in Dallas, Texas. The actions of Dallas residents in response to the visit by DeVos is becoming a common occurrence where ever the embattled Education Secretary goes.

The demonstrations were organized by the Texas Organizing Project in conjunction with the Next Generation Action Network but also drew community support from members of a number of other organizations. The groups stood in protest of what they say is a desire by DeVos to privatize school education.

DeVos entered the school by way of a rear entrance and probably did not see the more than 100 people present in the front of Billy Earl Dade middle school, many of them taking part in chants of “our children are not for sale.”

Joyce Foreman, a school board member for the Dallas Independent School District was present at the protests and expressed concern that DeVos made a visit to the city. Foreman explains that the concepts of charters, privatization, and vouchers that seem to be central to the message of DeVos are concepts with which the school board member has major problems.

The trip to Dallas By DeVos is a result of a March meeting she had in Washington with an organization known as Urban Specialists. Urban Specialists does work with at-risk youth in the city of Dallas. When meeting with Urban Specialists in March, DeVos expressed her desire to come to Dallas and get a first-hand look at the group in action.

April 30, 2018

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