Mr. Arjun Kapur Invents GoBuyside for Easy Talent Recruitment

For those who want to streamline their recruitment processes, social media accounts as well as aggregate resumes, GoBuyside is here to help. Established in 2011, the company is the major success story of one brilliant talent recruiter, Mr. Arjun Kapur. Having majored in business administration from the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business, he delved into the industry of finance and set out to pursue different career roles within the same job industry. While working in one of the many companies he was employed in, Kapur noted that there were challenges cropping from recruitment and more than anything else, it was just almost impossible to find the right candidate for the job. Additionally, he realized that the hiring cycle was compromised by candidates who presented undocumented academic credentials that lacked transparency. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

Background Information

From that moment, Kapur took it upon himself to try and find viable solutions for the problem. He began to construct a better and efficient recruitment process for finance companies. The first brand name that struck him was GoBuyside. This is a technology based platform that enables companies to hire highly-qualified individuals. Coupled with a closed-end network that has tracking systems and qualified talent recruiters to take every applicant through the recruitment policies, GoBuyside has immensely revolutionized talent recruitment.


Moreover, this application uses nuanced parameters to identify as well as screen every candidate and only select the one that fits a client’s bill. Most importantly, the application has vastly grown since its establishment and until now, it has served 10,000 firms across 500 cities in the universe. But just how does Kapur manage to please all these clients?


Additional Information

Kapur’s success in pleasing his clients is attributed to his transparency. Through his past experiences and personal ethics, he learned the value of fostering friendly work relations with clients. As such, he created GoBuyside in a manner that it allows clients to countercheck their applicant’s resume against their professed qualifications. That way, it becomes easy to identify the right candidate for the job.

The Overview

Well, Kapur has managed to make the talent recruitment process easy for most people as GoBuyside allows the particular employee to review compensation, bonuses and entrepreneurial networks within their expertise. In return, employers get to benefit from some of the hard working teams there are in various industries. For GoBuyside, only the best candidates matter. So therefore, the recruitment process can be trusted to give employers only the best. Read more about GoBuyside at

April 30, 2018

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