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Arizona Teachers Push for more State Funding

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The years 2017 and 2018 has been very trying for many educators all over the country. Teachers in various parts of the nation have been asking their state’s leaders for more funding and higher wages. Instructors in the state of Arizona were also a part of this trend. Educators in states such as Kentucky, West Virginia and Oklahoma were striking during the 2017-2018 school year. Huffington Post recently reported that Arizona teachers are now taking part of this movement.

Teachers are on the front lines in their effort to provide children with a first-rate education. Equipment, materials and basic supplies is needed to carry out this job. Teachers realize that many school districts are usually strapped for cash. This is also true for wealthier districts where money has not been an issue in the past. However, money is in short supply today, regardless of a district’s financial standing.

Schools are required to pay for resources and maintenance fees to keep buildings open. They also have to pay money for transportation, equipment and for hiring good teachers. Keeping a school building in good condition can also be a problem. Keeping the lights on and classrooms heated during the summer months can also be a challenge for many districts as well.

Teachers in Arizona just want to make sure that their students are getting the best service possible from the district and from them. The money they are asking for will help them to improve their jobs and to obtain a well-deserved pay raise. Ultimately, teachers in Arizona and the rest of the nation want to ensure that no person involved within the education field is being shorted by the system.

May 26, 2018

Joe Arpaio vs. Larkin and Lacey

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The story of Larkin and Lacey’s wrongful arrest is known to many. Their arrest caused a huge splash, and not many viewed the arrest as justified. This led to the two executives released.

There has been some bad blood between the two Village Voice Media executives and Joe Arpaio even before he ordered their arrest. Arpaio who had been re-elected six times as the county sheriff and had been in the system for 24 years, and was well known for his racial profiling way of handling the office.

Joe Arpaio did anything in his power to act upon illegal immigration. In his bid to combat this, Joe and his office went overboard to violating people’s civil rights especially the Latinos and Hispanics. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The racial profiling was the sheriff’s game to practice the law. The detention of Latinos and other immigrants led to multiple cases against him, and in 2011, District Judge Murray Snow intervened citing the Maricopa County Sherriff’s office did not have sufficient grounds to treat and detain the immigrants the way they had been doing. Despite the court’s intervention, Arpaio remained adamant to his “course.” which resulted to his conviction of criminal contempt in 2013.

Arpaio’s refusal to follow the court order is what made Lacey and Larkin expose his methods severally, the two wrote on Arpaio’s wrong use of the law which led to their arrest.

After their release, they filled a strong suit against Joe Arpaio’s malpractices and corruption. However, Joe Arpaio was pardoned by President Donald Trump given the two have a history in the sense that Arpaio had been one of the most vocal supporters of President Trump.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey’s and Jim’s journey started after dropping out of school to publish the Phoenix New Times. The son of a construction worker, Lacey as the executive editor and Jim Larkin as the head of advertising worked hard to see the newspaper grow.

They covered several social and political issues in depth. Their continued passion and hard work led to the purchase of Westword in 1983. Westword was Denver’s news and weekly art paper which was among the several alternatives including LA Weekly and Village Voice.

The two exposed grand jury subpoenas which targeted the Phoenix New Times’ writers and editors which led to their arrest in 18th October 2007. Joe Arpaio was the man behind their arrest but released in less than a day following public outcry. Connect Jim Larkin on LinkedIn.

After their release, they filled a lawsuit which led to an investigation that revealed that the warrants used were counterfeit. As a result, the Maricopa County paid $3.75 million in 2013 for their wrongful arrest. Being who they are, Lacey and Larkin used the money to form the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to offer grants to migrant’s rights organizations in Arizona.

Even though the efforts of the two to see Joe Arpaio behind bars never yielded any fruits, the settlement money has helped them push their agenda. Lacey and Larkin have also started a website, Front Page Confidential which is all about the first amendment and covering threats to freedom of speech.

May 25, 2018

No more Modesty Ponchos for High School Student’s Prom

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Prom is a time of the year that many high school students cannot wait to happen. When it does come around many young people dress up and look their best. This is especially true for females who go to the prom. They normally wear some really classy and great looking dresses for this special occasion. However, some females tend to go overboard and where dresses or gowns that is way to inappropriate for this event.

Huffington Post featured a story about modesty ponchos. They are for young females who reveal too much of their body during prom. The modesty ponchos would be worn by scantly clad teens and then given back to staff once the dance was over. This might seem like a good idea. However, a Catholic High School in Dearborn, Michigan was severely criticized for wanting to use these items for this year’s upcoming prom.

Many students and their parents protested the school’s decision to use the modesty poncho. The school’s official stated that the poncho’s purpose was to help bring out a young lady’s inner beauty. The school decided not to use the ponchos since student, parental and public outcry was so great. They will use shawls and wraps to cover up females who expose too much of their flesh. The prom will take place in May. Staff members who will host the event will do their best to ensure that young teens are treated respectfully if they happen to expose too much skin.

May 25, 2018

National Teacher of the Year Seeks to Educate People About Refugees and Immigrants

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While many people who are receiving various awards have been refusing to meet with President Trump at the Whitehouse due to major disagreements on policy, the National Teacher of the Year, Mandy Manning saw the meeting as an opportunity. Manning teaches at Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. She is passionate about her students, and she brought that passion with her to the Whitehouse.

First of all, Manning has a manila envelope ready to hand to President Trump. The envelope contained letters from her students and the community. This is significant because Manning teaches at the Ferris High Schools Newcomer Center. The Newcomer Center specifically teaches refugee and immigrant students. Manning teache English and Math to these students. Considering the steps President Trump has taken to eliminate programs allowing refugees and immigrants to enter the United States, the letters had a serious point to make. She wants President Trump to know the difficult circumstances her students came from, and how much they simply want to give back to the United States for the hope they have been given.

In addition to the letters, Manning made sure her wardrobe spoke as well. On her classic black dress, Manning wore badges supporting the Women’s March and the LGBTQ community. During her time at the Whitehouse, Manning also got to meet with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as well as Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta. Manning will have many more opportunities to advocate for her students, and others like them, as she will speak at more than 150 events throughout the year as part of her National Teacher of the Year duties.

May 24, 2018

Teachers to Return to Class in Arizona Following New Legislation

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Some students in Arizona returned to class today after days of no class because of a teacher walkout. Early Thursday morning, a new education funding bill was signed by Gov. Doug Ducey (R) after legislators stayed up all night rushing to get the legislation passed. As a result of the bill, certified teachers will now receive a 20 percent raise by 2020 and schools are guaranteed an additional $100 million for necessary support staff. Although the concessions were large, it still fell short of total goals set forth by the teacher unions and advocates.

During the course of the six-day walkout, more than 1,000 schools were closed, affecting more than 800,000 students. Only a handful of schools were able to scramble quickly enough to reopen their doors following the news of the passed legislation. Some will resume on Friday, with the rest following suit at the beginning of next week. The strike movement has been an ongoing struggle in states throughout the country as teachers demand more money and resources to properly educate students. Originating earlier this year in West Virginia, the fire quickly spread to states including Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Colorado.

Arizona Education Association President Joe Thomas stated the work is not done yet. The focus will now shift to an upcoming November measure requesting additional funding through an income tax on the richest taxpayers in the state. Across the state, teachers expressed relief that they can get back to work and be there for their students.

May 23, 2018

A New Jersey School Superintendent is Caught Defecating on School Grounds

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A school superintendent within the state of New Jersey is now facing some rather unusual criminal charges. Huffington Post reported a story on May 3, about a former superintendent of Holmdel, New Jersey named Thomas Tramaglini. He has been charged with defecating in public, lewdness and littering. Tramaglini was the leading figure for the Holmdel School District. This is a small township that lies south Jersey City and New Brunswick. Tramaglini was arrested by Holmdel law enforcement officials early in May of 2018.

Feces was discovered on the school grounds by athletic coaches and by the school’s staff members. The employees of the school were finding human feces in different areas of the football field and the outdoor track course. This was not an isolated incident. Someone was habitually relieving themselves everyday on the field. At first some staff members thought it was student’s pulling a prank then they realized it was something more. The staff members reported at least 8 separate incidents involving human feces on the school’s grounds within the last few months.

The staff members then decided to monitor the field to catch the culprit. Eventually, Tramaglini was supposedly spotted by some staff members using the bathroom on the field area. As a matter of fact, no one else was spotted doing this type of thing on the field but Tramaglini. The former superintendent had to take a paid leave of absence from his position.

The former superintendent has been replaced by Brian Luciani, the district’s Director of Academics, will now fill Tramaglini’s position. Holmdel School District sent out an official tweet to their staff and to the students and parents at the school. The tweet assured various members of the school community that Tramaglini’s infraction will not impeded or disrupt the learning process.

This unusual situation has many residents in the Holmdel area wondering about the leadership of the school district. The behavior was very unnatural and many people wanting to know if they are going to encounter more of this type of activity. Once again, members of the Holmdel’s schoolboard assures everyone that the district will continue to educate students without further incident from this matter.

May 22, 2018

Self-Paced Learning Made Easier

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In the Prussian model of education – what we see today in the United States, more or less, and virtually every country’s system of education on the face of planet Earth – students, from the time they first enter school until they leave its doors, are grouped together by age, rather than by skill.

While this strategy largely works for keeping everyone stimulated, there will invariably be some students that are incredibly ahead of the pack, able to complete work without having to be taught the mechanisms behind solving such problems, with others so far behind that it doesn’t seem like they can catch up.

This is the most important example of why self-paced education is a necessity for people reaching their full potential, as a relatively large group of people – those of any age, adults or toddlers – are highly unlikely to reach their full potential all at the same time.

As such, many educational institutions have turned to using models of education that allow students to learn on their own times. However, too many of these programs have shortfalls – much like everything else on planet Earth – though they can be remedied by following a few rules, found in a study published by District Administration.

Kids that aren’t motivated can be paired with teachers in one-on-one settings that serve both them and their schools as mentors, and also give them right-then, right-there instruction immediately following them running into any potential problems they don’t understand.

May 21, 2018

Reading At Lunch Could Work Wonders

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Since traditional schools take kids out of their homes – you know, where they’re fed, and all – for seven, eight, or even more hours per day, they’re required to feed them both breakfast and lunch.

Traditionally, meals at school have been viewed as breaks from class as it’s regularly scheduled, rather than a time to learn. However, one educator broke this mold and found resoundingly great results from it.

Ryan Wheeler, a fifth-grade public school teacher, formed a group at lunch with a few of his male students in the hopes of forming a bond between them, as well as trying to help them have more fun while reading.

Mr. Wheeler would bring up various topics to discuss at the table, particularly through a fun book called “Rules of a Knight,” which helped teach those kids basic social norms and regularities, helping them boost both their academic minds and their social senses and abilities to be polite.

Wheeler went on to write in the journal Edutopia that those boys ended up growing closer to one another, and their confidence in the classroom boosted just as much.

As long as students of any grade level have enough time to break during the day, it’s OK to provide them with work during breakfast or lunch. Most students eat lunch together, whereas breakfasts are usually eaten on kids’ own times, so such strategies that were employed by Ryan Wheeler should typically only be kicked into action when all of a class eats together.

May 20, 2018

School Admins Hope To Cut Down On Vaping

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Cigarettes are known to cause irritated throats, yellow or rotten teeth, bad breath, reduced athletic ability, and – of course – cancer of every shape, size, and severity. In an attempt to reduce the number of smokers, somebody, somewhere created a portable, handheld vaporizer intended to both reduce smoking and increase healthiness…

… even though not smoking or vaporizing is most certainly safer than vaporizing whatever it may be.

Whether you’ve smoked a cigarette yourself or not, imagine trying to smoke one in school, or at least be around somebody trying to get away with smoking in school. The smoke disperses everywhere, the stench clings to all nearby fabric, and whoever tries to get away with it almost certainly doesn’t get away.

Vaping, on the other hand, is far easier to get away with. Not only do they not require lighters, don’t have that stand-out cigarette look, but they also don’t have a lingering smell.

Unfortunately, this has led many schoolkids, both seniors, about to graduate, and their not-even-yet-teenage counterparts.

School administrators are hoping to reduce the on-campus consumption of vaporizers by getting rid of USB thumb drives – vapes like the JUUL closely mimic USB drives, believe it or not – and better monitoring students’ behaviors in bathrooms, and even closing bathrooms off entirely except during designated times.

Further, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has actively been pushing the United States federal government to raise the minimum age for buying vaping products, which could reduce their in-school use.

May 19, 2018

Schools Should Start Later For Kids Of All Ages

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Arguably one of the worst parts of both work and school is – you guessed it – having to wake up early in the morning to get ready, find transport to school or work, engage in either one of such activities, let alone actually arriving at where you’re slated to spend the entity of your day at, then having to do homework, listen to long lectures, read lengthy passages of books, and whatever else that would be loads more enjoyable if either one of these responsiblities started just an hour or two later.

School researchers have found that going to school later in the day, especially for young public school students provides them with countless benefits that otherwise wouldn’t be available unless schools did, in fact, start school later in the day so they can have more time to sleep and get ready – or do whatever it is they want to without being forced to prepare themselves for school at the crack of dawn.

New research released just last week found that both high and middle schoolers should be considered in terms of starting school later. Those researchers that conducted the aforementioned study found that schools that started at 8:00 a.m. as compared to their counterparts that went to school earlier in the morning, specifically 7:23 a.m.

Kids that started later even just by 33 minutes were found much less likely to fall asleep or find themselves are being drowsy during the day, which made students both happier and d

May 18, 2018