Meet Music Tour Producer Clay Hutson: Finding common interests with pop music singer, Halsey, and making sure her tour is a success, is a key to Clay Hutson’s continued success as a business owner.

Meet Music Tour Producer Clay Hutson: Finding common interests with pop music singer, Halsey is a key to his continued success as a business owner.


For talents like Clay Hutson, making sure that live bands and solo acts have a successful performance onstage is the key to his livelihood. Clay Hutson is talented in live sound engineering, monitor engineering, production managing, and now, tour managing. Today, Hutson works as the tour manager for the pop music singer, Halsey. Hutson met up with Haley in Australia as she got going on the final leg of the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour.


Singer, Halsey, was born as Ashley Nicolette Frangipane in the state of New Jersey. Halsey can be considered one of the newer contemporary pop music acts. Halsey used social media platforms to self-release her music. She was eventually signed to Astralwerks in 2014 after gaining the attention of many online.


For a business owner, Clay Hutson, he has critical experience in the craft of sound engineering for live music acts and has worked with many different musical acts and other stakeholders they are part of the music milieu. Some of the many musical acts that Clay has paired up with musicians like Guns N’ Roses, Pink, Prince, Marilyn Manson, and Kid Rock.


Hutson remarked about his job that he could coordinate on the technical side with rock music groups when they go on tour. Besides receiving recent notoriety by applying his technical expertise and concert management skills working with American singing talent, Halsey, Clay Hutson has also been interviewed about other facets of his job. Hutson remarked that he worked with some automation equipment in support of OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour in one of his last interviews. Hutson provided new nuggets of information about working with automation while on tour with the group, OneRepublic.


Clay Hutson has been quite a bit of success with his ability to manage rock music tours. Even though he has worked with many top musicians on tour, he has had his legal issues along the way. Hutson once had some legal problems with a subcontractor and that subcontractor’s client that had set him back financially. Hutson noted that he learned a valuable business lesson and moved forward after settling the issue. Part of Clay Hutson’s business situation involves dealing with the constant unknowns and ups and downs that come with every different tour management project. Learn more:


May 2, 2018

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