Oklahoma Teachers Continue Strike

Being a teacher can be a very rewarding way to earn a living as you will get to enrich the lives of students and help them progress. While teachers do provide a very valuable service to society, they are notoriously underpaid for the importance of the work that they do. While teachers are underpaid across the board, certain areas have much lower wages than others. One state that is notorious for having very underpaid teachers is the State of Oklahoma (https://www.thenation.com/article/oklahoma-teachers-strike-for-a-fourth-day-to-protest-rock-bottom-education-funding/).

Over the past week, the State of Oklahoma has been in the news a lot over the current teachers strike that has kept schools across the state closed for several days. The protest had a lot to do with general underfunding, which included both teacher salaries and classroom resources. While the state passed a bill that would increase the average teacher salary by about $6,000 per year, the teachers are still striking because it did not meet all of the demands. The teachers union is still looking for additional financial support to help buy new books and classrooms.

Overall, the state of Oklahoma is notorious for having very low teacher salaries. In many cases, teachers have to work almost 10 years before they are able to earn even $40,000 per year. Most teachers also have to take jobs on the side to help support their financial lives. With the raise that is being offered, it should help a bit, but most teachers will still need to continue to fight to get the resources they need.

May 3, 2018

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