School Admins Hope To Cut Down On Vaping

Cigarettes are known to cause irritated throats, yellow or rotten teeth, bad breath, reduced athletic ability, and – of course – cancer of every shape, size, and severity. In an attempt to reduce the number of smokers, somebody, somewhere created a portable, handheld vaporizer intended to both reduce smoking and increase healthiness…

… even though not smoking or vaporizing is most certainly safer than vaporizing whatever it may be.

Whether you’ve smoked a cigarette yourself or not, imagine trying to smoke one in school, or at least be around somebody trying to get away with smoking in school. The smoke disperses everywhere, the stench clings to all nearby fabric, and whoever tries to get away with it almost certainly doesn’t get away.

Vaping, on the other hand, is far easier to get away with. Not only do they not require lighters, don’t have that stand-out cigarette look, but they also don’t have a lingering smell.

Unfortunately, this has led many schoolkids, both seniors, about to graduate, and their not-even-yet-teenage counterparts.

School administrators are hoping to reduce the on-campus consumption of vaporizers by getting rid of USB thumb drives – vapes like the JUUL closely mimic USB drives, believe it or not – and better monitoring students’ behaviors in bathrooms, and even closing bathrooms off entirely except during designated times.

Further, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has actively been pushing the United States federal government to raise the minimum age for buying vaping products, which could reduce their in-school use.

May 19, 2018

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