Doe Deere: The Success of Lime Crime

Doe Deere, a lady who founded Lime Crime Company. She was in an interview and she wore like a beauty stylist with striking hair and full of good makeups that were interactive and sociable therefore becoming extrovert kind of a person the society is looking upon. Lime Crime is already on Instagram and therefore if you have an addiction to the social media platform, you cant have missed being knowing Lime crime. A stylist had talked with Doe Doore before the company had launched their Feelunique together with Lime Crime pop.


When Doe was asked about what makes cult beauty product, she said that it is the matter of having something unique. According to her, it meant that each product should be able to stand on its own from the others and it requires to be the product that no one else is capable of delivering such product. This is what they have been aiming from 2008 because the market has been changing too much. She also talked about her company being cruel and vegan where she said that was because of her brand goals and the attitude she has been having towards the kinds of stuff and these are because hat they have been doing much is animal related. That is why it is important for them to be vegan and free cruelty. Doe being an entrepreneur has also made many mistakes but what she talks about being the most important thing is to learn from the mistake you have experienced. By doing so, it has contributed very much to her company’s growth. The company may have experienced many depressions but they are lucky to have overcome the challenges which have to lead to the success of the company. Learn more:


So that they can keep trending through the year, she is recommending Pantone’s color which is ultraviolet. In 2018, their aim is to explore lavender, lilac together will all purple color shades and they have already launched Venus III which is an eyeshadow palette. She gives advice to the young women whose aim is to start beauty businesses to start by searching the market gaps where they will have to develop skills that are innovative and have trust with their taste so that they can work to bring a product of their preference to the market. They should never give up.


She also acknowledges the effort which the formulation team has been doing. At the initial time, it was her who did the formulation but currently, she has a team doing that good job to also ensure their products are perfect too. When as a company feel that a certain product cant work as they expect it to work, then the prevent it going to the market. What a consumer is obsessed with is a glitter, unicorns and also whimsical because it is for everyone to express what the have. The company all it wants is to feel different and because most of its unicorns are unique, is what they ensure so that the consumer can feel the difference from others.


May 21, 2018

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