A New Jersey School Superintendent is Caught Defecating on School Grounds

A school superintendent within the state of New Jersey is now facing some rather unusual criminal charges. Huffington Post reported a story on May 3, about a former superintendent of Holmdel, New Jersey named Thomas Tramaglini. He has been charged with defecating in public, lewdness and littering. Tramaglini was the leading figure for the Holmdel School District. This is a small township that lies south Jersey City and New Brunswick. Tramaglini was arrested by Holmdel law enforcement officials early in May of 2018.

Feces was discovered on the school grounds by athletic coaches and by the school’s staff members. The employees of the school were finding human feces in different areas of the football field and the outdoor track course. This was not an isolated incident. Someone was habitually relieving themselves everyday on the field. At first some staff members thought it was student’s pulling a prank then they realized it was something more. The staff members reported at least 8 separate incidents involving human feces on the school’s grounds within the last few months.

The staff members then decided to monitor the field to catch the culprit. Eventually, Tramaglini was supposedly spotted by some staff members using the bathroom on the field area. As a matter of fact, no one else was spotted doing this type of thing on the field but Tramaglini. The former superintendent had to take a paid leave of absence from his position.

The former superintendent has been replaced by Brian Luciani, the district’s Director of Academics, will now fill Tramaglini’s position. Holmdel School District sent out an official tweet to their staff and to the students and parents at the school. The tweet assured various members of the school community that Tramaglini’s infraction will not impeded or disrupt the learning process.

This unusual situation has many residents in the Holmdel area wondering about the leadership of the school district. The behavior was very unnatural and many people wanting to know if they are going to encounter more of this type of activity. Once again, members of the Holmdel’s schoolboard assures everyone that the district will continue to educate students without further incident from this matter.

May 22, 2018

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