No more Modesty Ponchos for High School Student’s Prom

Prom is a time of the year that many high school students cannot wait to happen. When it does come around many young people dress up and look their best. This is especially true for females who go to the prom. They normally wear some really classy and great looking dresses for this special occasion. However, some females tend to go overboard and where dresses or gowns that is way to inappropriate for this event.

Huffington Post featured a story about modesty ponchos. They are for young females who reveal too much of their body during prom. The modesty ponchos would be worn by scantly clad teens and then given back to staff once the dance was over. This might seem like a good idea. However, a Catholic High School in Dearborn, Michigan was severely criticized for wanting to use these items for this year’s upcoming prom.

Many students and their parents protested the school’s decision to use the modesty poncho. The school’s official stated that the poncho’s purpose was to help bring out a young lady’s inner beauty. The school decided not to use the ponchos since student, parental and public outcry was so great. They will use shawls and wraps to cover up females who expose too much of their flesh. The prom will take place in May. Staff members who will host the event will do their best to ensure that young teens are treated respectfully if they happen to expose too much skin.

May 25, 2018

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