Teachers Are Needed To Educate The Country’s Children

The education industry has been at the fore front of national news for a long period of time. Low teacher pay, and federal funding is prompting teacher strikes, and walk outs across the nation. There has always been a shortage of teachers, but now that does not seem to matter. School board, leaders, and the government would rather see students at home, out of school, than to be reasonable with the few teachers who a left in the schools. teachers give more of themselves than the average person, on an average job. Their responsibilities are never ending, and their job description has magnified. It would be a gross injustice to students, and teachers, if the government allowed the walk outs and strikes to continue while students stayed home and miss valuable lessons.

It seems to be the same thing nationwide. The teacher walk out in Arizona ended with the teachers getting a raise of twenty percent over a two year period. Your text to link… In other states, teachers are having similar problems, and in other states, teachers are either quitting, or being let go. The teacher model is astronomical, they have to be many different things to many different students. Some people just don’t see how they can handle so many roles during the course of one day multiplied by an entire school year. If lawmakers were to look back at their school years, they would realize that teachers are well worth the money that they so well deserve.

May 27, 2018

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