Video Conversation Through Talk Fusion

Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is a marketing app used by businesses with the goal to help them drive profits. The app helps businesses increase and fully engage their customer base by creating marketing videos that are innovative and noteworthy.


The ability to video email is Talk Fusions most popular feature. This feature allows users to send video email messages directly to their clients, vendors, employees, partners, or anyone else in the users contact list. Receiving a video email is more satisfying for the receiver than simply reading text, this causes a higher level of engagement; which, in turn, improves business by creating a more effective and efficient work environment.


One might be wondering how this app works. It’s actually quite simple. The app allows you to record a live video or upload an older one. Once the video has been uploaded to the app on your device you have a couple of options. First, you can leave the video alone and send it; or, second, if it needs to be more formal, you have the option to add a template, add or change display names, add text, or manipulate the video in other ways, like adding a company logo, that will make the video more memorable to the recipient. Once the video is complete users can send it to a single person or to thousands of people all at once. Learn more:


Recently Talk Fusion has added the ability to video chat, send picture messages, and increased the ability to create specific chat rooms. For example, now users have the ability to invite specific friends to a chat room allowing a conversation to more easily take place.


The Talk Fusion app is available in both iTunes and Google Play. The app can be downloaded on most Apple devices that have a minimum of the iOS 7 operating system; for those who use an android, you will need a minimum of the 4.4.3 operating system.

May 28, 2018

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