North Carolina Student Receives More Than $4 Million In Scholarships, and Acceptance Letters From More Than 100 Schools

With the cost of a college education being sky-high these days, it’s always gratifying to read about deserving people receiving college scholarships.

In a recent article on the Reddit website, it tells of how a 17-year old girl named Jasmine Harrison from Greensboro, North Carolina, has received acceptance letters to 113 different colleges. Along with her acceptance confirmations, Ms. Harrison received an astounding $4.5 million in scholarships.

As a student with a perfect grade point average, Jasmine Harrison has worked hard to get to the point where more than 100 schools have sent her acceptance letters.

While it is an honor to have so many schools expressing interest, there are also usually application fees for each school. Fortunately, Ms. Harrison was able to utilize the services of the College Foundation of North Carolina and the Common Black College Application program.

With further assistance from her mother and teachers, Jasmine was able to apply at more than 100 colleges and universities for a fairly minimal cost.

After considering a range of offers from a number of prominent schools, Ms. Harrison has decided to attend Bennett College in Greensboro. With a goal of eventually becoming an NICU nurse, Jasmine Harrison plans on majoring in biology while studying at Bennett College.

Based upon the motivation that Jasmine Harrison has demonstrated in her academic career, it appears that this young woman will become successful in whatever professional endeavors she pursues.

May 29, 2018

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