President Trump, Betsy Devos and Teachers have an Intense White House Discussion

Every year states select at least one individual to become teacher of the year. Once this individual is chosen they will usually be given an opportunity to visit the current U.S. Secretary of Education and the president. This event usually takes place annually in May. According to the Huffington Post, the nation’s top teachers had an opportunity to visit the White House early in May of 2018. Once the teachers arrived they had a discussion with Secretary of Education Betsy Devos and her boss, President Donald Trump.

Most teachers that are awarded this privilege use it as an opportunity to speak with an elected official about American education. They will typically discuss the current state of the education field and some of the things that must be done to make it better. When the nation’s top teachers sat down to discuss issues with Betsy Devos; some of them were disappointed with the meeting.

When issues such as school choice was deliberated, Betsy Devos provided an answer that most teachers did not like. Other teachers also did not like the way that Devos answered the problems about school strikes and state money. One teacher named Jonathan Juravich was able to speak with President Trump. Mr. Juravich told the president that he endorses respect and empathy in the classroom. He gave Trump this message in hope’s that he would change his views about foreigners. Many of Mr. Juravich’s students are from other nations and they are worried about the president’s remarks on this immigration.

Another teacher named Mandy Manning is the nation teacher of the year for 2018. She also voiced the same concern as Mr. Juravich to the president. She stated that Trump’s words carry a lot of weight and this is why he must be very careful about saying anything negative about immigrants. President Trump also provided some remarks about the great job that teachers have been doing in the classroom

May 30, 2018

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