Teachers Fight For More Pay And Respect

Katie Rink is a teacher in Catawba County. She did not let the criticism or rain stop her from gathering with a group of teachers at the Courthouse. She stated that she came to fight for her students. She stated that they deserve more. Katie also said that many of her students come to school tired and hungry.


Teachers in North Carolina are fighting for higher pay and safer schools. Alice Angell used to work for Clyde Campbell Elementary School. Even though she is a retired educator, she is still concerned about the condition of the schools. She stated that things have gone from bad to worse since she retired.


Jeanie Robertson and Nicole West are teachers from Caldwell County. They were unable to attend the rally. The students had exams the same day, so they had to put their students first. Jeanie teaches world history, and her class has been using the same books since 2009.


Jeanie has to teach modern history. However, she is not sure how she can teach modern history when she has a book that is nearly a decade old. Matt Stover is the superintendent of Catawba Schools. He agrees that teachers deserve more pay than they get.


Jessica Caldwell is a teacher at Clyde Campbell Elementary School. She stated that many people do not realize how little funding public schools receive. She also stated that they are begging for more resources.

June 1, 2018

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