North Carolina Teachers Join Protests

Over the past few years, the education industry has been under a lot of heat and pressure due to demand from teachers and other educators to receive more funding. Teachers continue to point out across the country that their compensation continues to lag and that they do not have the resources necessary to provide their students with the right education. This past week, teachers in the state of North Carolina continued to protest the lack of funding (


The teachers that have been protesting have several comments and suggestions based on the current funding structure. Overall, they would like to see a higher level of compensation. Currently, North Carolina ranks 37th in the country in terms of average teacher salary and many teachers have left the field due to the low pay. This is also making it harder to find new teachers to fill in the gap. In total, more than 3,000 teachers ended up making their way to the state capital to protest and ask for more funding. The volume of teachers was so significant that many that showed up later were actually turned away. Teachers are also fighting the proposed tax cuts related to teacher deductions.


North Carolina is far from the only state that has seen these types of protests. Some of the other states that have seen other types of protests have included West Virginia, Arizona, and Colorado. Overall, the protestors are continuing to ask for more funding in order to provide a great educational experience.

June 3, 2018

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