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Nick Vertucci founded Real Estate Academy, and he is currently the chief executive officer. His academy offers advisory services and real estate education. Additionally, it has some branches in the United States including Nevada and California. He started the company out of passion as a result of his interests in real estate. Regarding his family background, he grew up in a humble home where he could be provided with only basic needs. Later when he was ten years old, his father passed on which affected him and his family.

At the age of eighteen years, Nick Vertucci started selling computer accessories where he realized the benefits of being an entrepreneur. However, at some point, he experienced a financial quagmire where he had huge debts to settle, and he almost lost everything. After enrolling in real estate academy, he developed interests to venture into real estate investments. Moreover, real estate businesses helped him to overcome his financial crises. Eventually, his success in real estate investments made him launch Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2014. His Company provided solutions to difficulties which arise in real estate investments.

Recently, Nick Vertucci published a new book known as ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.’ He describes and shares most of his challenges in his book. Besides he explains his direction as well as his principles toward real estate investment. In addition to the stated, he describes the application of the principles which made him gain wealth and entrepreneurial independence. He also stresses on taking risks to be rich whereby he highlights vital decision which makes one a millionaire from a middle class.

Throughout his book, he describes the most significant aspects that contributed to his success. Generally, he specifies some of the things he learned and the tactics he used to implement to avoid them in future. Some lessons in his book stress why is essential to serve customers personally, how to avoid past dreams and to raise one’s sights. His new book has been recommended by several American entrepreneurs as it encourages several entrepreneurs. Nick Vertucci motivates many upcoming entrepreneurs because he started with nothing, but finally, he made a fortune in the real estate industry.

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June 4, 2018

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