North Carolina Teachers to March on Capitol

Over the course of the last several weeks, teachers in states that include Oklahoma, West Virginia and Arizona have been striking and marching for additional pay and increases in state funding of education. Now, teachers will be on the march in the state of North Carolina.


On Wednesday, teachers in North Carolina plan to take a day off from work and march at the Capitol Building in Raleigh. Several of the major school districts in the state will be cancelling classes for the day.


Teachers will be marching and demanding that state lawmakers vote to increase pay for teachers and school support staff. The teachers also want the lawmakers to increase the amount that is spent per pupil on education.


North Carolina currently ranks 39th in teacher pay with the average teacher making $49,970 per year. The state also ranks 39th in the rate of per pupil expenditure.


While many are backing the teachers goals, others believe that the entire effort on Wednesday is a manufactured issue that is part of a liberal agenda. Tim Moore is the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives. He has pointed out in interviews that the state has passed significant raises for teachers over the course of the last few years. He believes that education is being adequately funded.


Those on the other side of the issue point to deep cuts in education spending while tax cuts have been given to corporations. Critics of Mr. Moore point out that if the corporate tax cuts were eliminated, the state would currently have over $3.5 billion to spent on education and other programs.

June 4, 2018

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