Massachusetts to Evaluate Education Spending

Providing children with an adequate education is an incredibly important responsibility that all communities share. Unfortunately, many communities find that they do not have the budget and funding to provide enough money to give teachers a fair wage while also giving students access to the resources that they need. While many states are struggling with protests from students and teachers, other states appear to be taking steps necessary to increase funding for education. One state that took a big step forward recently to improve funding is Massachusetts (


Over the past week, the state of Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously to pass a law that would look to increase funding for education continuously in the coming years. This new plan would essentially update a formula that was passed nearly 25 years ago and was used to determine how much money certain schools and districts would earn in the form of subsidies from the state.


Overall, the new law will work to find new ways to determine need across the state. While the formula did work for a time, it has not done a good job of keeping up with the rising education costs that many areas are facing. Overall, it has been determined that the state could be under-estimating the total education costs by as much as $2 billion per year. This new change to the formula could have very positive impacts on the budget of schools across the state and will help to ensure that all students get the resources needed to thrive.

June 8, 2018

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