Westminster to Be Acquired by Chinese Company

A company based in China called Beijing Kaiwen Education Technology will soon be acquiring the tight-knit but beloved Westminster school. The school is historically famous for it’s doting choir, and is located about eight miles away from Rider’s. Westminster has been facing its challenges in the financial department lately, and they have been continuously struggling to find a solution to keep their doors open. In a last-ditch effort to save the school, officials are selling it to the for-profit Chinese company in order see if they can help the Westminster legend live on.


There are some professors that currently work at Westminster who are still leery about turning over the school to Kaiwen Education. They worry that the company does not have adequate knowledge and experience surrounding educational operations. Some faculty members even wonder whether or not the takeover is absolutely necessary, stating that this is only being done for financial gain without the school’s best interest in mind.


Westminster currently has 439 students who are rooting for the school to succeed above all else. Gregory G. Dell’Omo is the president of Rider’s, and he has spoken about how he views the acquisition as passing on a kid to another caregiver in order to see if they can offer them more than they currently can. At this point, students and faculty can only hope that Kaiwen has access the the proper tools and levels of compassion to continue the school’s legacy.

June 10, 2018

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