Free College Tuition At Maryland Community Colleges

Upon graduation from a high school, Maryland students will be able to go directly to community colleges in the fall semester — for free. A story, posted at Reddit, and published by Delmarva WBOC News, announced the law will take affect next year. It’s called America’s College Promise.


After high school, you have students wanting to continue their post secondary education but funds are limited, and few want the burden of student loans. Maryland community colleges will offer each student a free ride, worth $5000 in tuition. Students must attend full-time, taking a full load of courses (12 credits), and their GPA must remain at a 2.5 average.


Already, community colleges in several states offer free tuition to full-time students, like Tennessee and California. As of 2008, the Long Beach Community College offered free semester tuition, benefiting more than 13,000 students since. At the same time, California State University in Long Beach increased student enrollment by 71%.Tennessee began their free tuition program in 2015.


In 2016, around 25 schools in California provided free education, but in 2017 there are more than 50 institutions that are joining this initiative.


A full year of study at a community college represents a disbursement of approximately $1700, in costs that are covered by this program.


Parents also wonder, what happens if a student wants to transfer to a four-year college? Administrators say to think about options during these initial years, and it is better to have 50% of something, than 100% of nothing.

June 11, 2018

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