Teachers: What are they Worth

Parents across the nation can agree on one thing, “My child deserves the best education”. But what are they willing to pay for it? Back in 2010, people shouted from the rooftops that teachers made too much money, something must be done! That gave the greenlight for states across the nation to slash budgets across the board forcing schools and teachers to come up with money out of their own pockets to provide a successful educational agenda. But now teachers across America are putting down their pocketbooks and picking up their picket signs demanding more funds for schools and badly needed pay raises. The website www.digg.com has a map outlining the average teachers salary across the nation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest salary award goes to Oklahoma at $40,530. The teachers there are gathering at the state capital for a second week to fight for more school funding and payraises. The highest paid teachers are found in New York with an average salary of $80,540.

Mallory Heath, a teacher from Arizona recently told Buzzfeed reporter Claudia Koerner: “Without teaching, I didn’t know who I was”. The median salary in Arizona is $44,220. She recently sent a letter to the governor of Arizona voicing her outrage that she can’t even make a middle class salary after expenses in Arizona. You can read the entire article at www.buzzfeed.com.

Teachers teach because they have a passion to bring out the best in every child. That is priceless!


June 12, 2018

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