Determined Single Mom Graduates From Harvard Law School

How easy is it to graduate from Harvard Law School? Probably pretty challenging for most, but 24-year old single mom, Briana Williams did it.


According to Huffingpost, Ms. Williams overcame bouts of depression, single motherhood, and even took a final exam while in the beginning stages of labor, always refusing to give up on her dream.


Ms. Williams said she was determined to complete her law degree while working as a bartender and waitress to make ends meet. Her story went viral on Instagram, as she documented her journey at Harvard Law.


In addition to becoming a lawyer, Ms. Williams says she’ll write a book about life as a single mother and Harvard Law school student. She currently runs a podcast about her time as a student, in addition to today’s politics at Download Petty Politics, on itunes. She returned back to her native Los Angelos to begin at a new law firm, as a litigator.


The Institute for Women’s Policy Research says that attendance at colleges by single mom’s has grown significantly in the past few years, almost doubling since 2011.


Harvard Law is ranked number three in the country. Out of almost 6,000 applications to Harvard Law School, about 15 percent are accepted, and about 48 percent are women. Nearly 44 percent attend two-year colleges, and 14 percent a four-year institution.


While obstacles can compromise post secondary success, women like Harvard Law graduate, Briana Williams show everyone that it is certainly possible.

June 13, 2018

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