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Apple’s New Strategy

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The fact is that for the last few years, Apple has watched students and educators gravitate toward the Google and Microsoft brand-name in products and educational software. Now, Apple is gearing up to bring the students and educators back by introducing a new, less expensive iPad to the consumer market. Apple launched their new product at a Technical College Prep High School in Chicago. Apple is confident that this less expensive iPad will appeal to the educators and students that participated in the launch along with others across the country.

Apple Is Returning To Their Roots
Insiders state that Apple is simply returning to their roots. It is important to note that Steve Jobs placed a high priority on schools and Apple products. However, the company drifted away from their earlier educational roots and placed preference on mass marketing higher end products to the consumer market. The big three, which include Google, Microsoft, and Apple are in heated competition for the educational market. Google holds the highest percentage of the educational market, Microsoft holds second place, with Apple coming in third. Apple plans to conquer the educational market with their new, less expensive iPad and educational software.

New Apple Campaign
Apple is also in the middle of a new campaign that is designed to catch the attention of younger minds and introduce them to the iPad. Still, it seems like the message is not getting across to the targeted market. The demand for the iPad remains much lower than the competitor’s products.

May 4, 2018