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How OneLogin Has Changed the Business World for The Better

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OneLogin is a privately-owned cloud-based IAM provider company that was started back in 2009. The cloud-based IAM is focused on making sure that productivity in businesses and organization is increased through experiencing a reduced IT time and increase security when accessing applications as well as devices by users.

To ensure its longevity, OneLogin is backed by the Charles River Ventures Firms, The Scale Venture Partners and The Social Capital. These three venture partners make sure that OneLogin has got all the monetary assets that it needs to carry out its operations as fluidly as possible.

Their funding has been released in three waves namely Series A, Series B and Series C. Series A funding was released in June 2010 and was worth $4.7 million while Series B was worth $13 million released in October of 2013. Series C funding worth $25 million was released back in December of 2014.

It also reduces the time that the users will take either onboarding or off-boarding. The company also focuses on increasing user productivity through the all-important SSO, which is Single Sign-On in full. And thanks to the kind of security the company offers to its clients, they have managed to win over millions of users in several countries over the years.

Some of the customers spring from different industries including financial services, education, media, health, retail as well as service industries. And ever since they began working, it does without saying that they had done quite an impressive job altogether.

So, what kind of products are found at OneLogin? There is quite a handful, and some of them include Web Access Management (WAM), Desktop Authentication, Cloud RADIUS, Virtual LDAP, Mobile Identity Management, Adaptive Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), User Provisioning, Cloud Directory, And Single Sign-On.

So, you can either choose one of the products or all, depending on what your organization is in dire need of. And since they have dedicated staff working around the clock to find better ways to make their clients enjoy their services for as long as possible, OneLogin sure has a bright future as more clients keep joining the wave.

November 8, 2017