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Mighty Fortress Church A Welcoming Church

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The Episcopal Church of Our Savior was constructed in the year 1903. This beautiful church is based on Gothic and Tudor architecture. The bottom portion of this church is constructed of beautiful fieldstone. The top portion of this church is constructed of stucco that has a timbered looking design. The design mixture makes this a fascinating church.

Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church was designed by Warren H. in the year 1894. The style of this church is a Romanesque style. It consists of identical towers and archways constructed of brick. The location of this church is in a historic area of Minneapolis,Minnesota.

First Unitarian Church was constructed in the year 1910. A portion of this church is constructed of timber and stucco. This church also consists of nearby mined granite. The First Unitarian Church also has beautiful stained windows made of glass. It has a foursquare steeple. The overall Tudor-style of this church is simply magnificent. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

The Mighty Fortress Church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Mighty Fortress Church provides gratifying reverence and concrete Bible lessons. The church provides applicable messages for contemporary existing. The Mighty Fortress Church provides a pleasurable experience to everyone. The vision of this church is to provide faith and lead individuals towards a thriving and successful life.

The Mighty Fortress Church makes sure to provide a caring and acquiescent atmosphere. The Mighty Fortress Church heavily focuses on God. It focuses on God and what God has contributed in each of our lives. The Mighty Fortress Church provides authentic responses for life’s hardest obstacles. It provides each individual with meaningful teachings. View the interactive map at

Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. He has been in the ministry for more than 30 years. His ministry highlights the applicability of knowledge and astuteness found in God’s word. Bishop Thomas Williams obtained his Bachelor’s degree from North Central University. His Bachelor’s degree is in Mass Communications. He obtained his Master’s degree from Bethel University and Seminary. His Master’s degree is in Organizational Leadership.


In conclusion, there are beautiful churches located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

December 2, 2017