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Out Of Nowhere, AWP’s David Fenza Ousted

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The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) is a strong proponent of roughly 550 writing programs across American colleges and universities, about 150 writing conferences and centers, not to mention 50,000-odd member writers.

It is currently headquartered in College Park, Maryland, at the University of Maryland at College Park. The AWP is, as if it isn’t assumed by the first paragraph, the largest such organization in the United States of America, especially when it comes to higher education.

Despite its long-running success and absence from political or organizational scandals, the AWP fired its executive director David Fenza after 29 long years served as its lead executive.

According to the official website of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, David Fenza “ended his service as executive director,” after which it reported that a search for a suitable replacement is taking place across the United States of America.

Fenza has provided no potential reasoning for his firing, claiming that “I had no warnings. I had no wishes to leave AWP,” the now-former AWP executive director said. According to an interview in Poets & Writers, he was fired in a hotel lobby somewhere in Tampa, Florida, just minutes after the closure of the organization’s annual national conference on March 11, 2018.

“They did not give me reasons. It was a challenging year with the relocation disrupting all AWP business, as I was working with architects, contractors, furniture salespeople, many vendors, new university administrators, and a new, terribly complex university administrative system… I am still stunned.”

April 13, 2018