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Raise the Volume- Raise the Awareness. Autism Rocks!

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Autism Rocks is a charity organization started in 2014 by Sanjay Shah after the diagnosis of his youngest son with autism in 2011. He decided to combine his love of family and music to fix an all too common issue; too few people are truly aware and educated about this disorder. The foundation focuses on raising money for research and public awareness about the condition. The basic premise being to raise funds through the hosting of invitation-only concerts and using the proceeds of the shows to fund research by the team at The University of Cambridge. Shah makes very clear that the research he funds is not for the cure of autism, but rather for the understanding and prevention of the illness. The Autism Rocks Charity has hosted the likes of popular hip-hop artist Drake, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, rock star Lenny Kravitz, pop star Prince, and even Michael Buble and many well-known DJs. Not only are the performances by invitation only, so are the tickets to be in the audience at the concerts. By doing it this way, Mr. Shah hopes to guarantee enough money to fund the program and research. He and his wife also contribute their own private funds to autism research as well.
Sanjay Shah is native of London, England and has long been involved in philanthropic work sponsoring children in Dubai for more than 10 years now. He attended King College in London, where he majored in biomedical science. He decided, however, that he did not want to practice medicine and went into accounting and banking instead. He worked with companies like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. After losing his job in the 2009 financial crisis and not seeing an abundance of job opportunities in his field at the beginning of what proved to be a deep recession, Shah created his own job, and Solo Capital was born.

Mr. Shah is the sole proprietor of Solo Capital Holdings and the founder and CEO of London-based Solo Capital Partners, specializing in propriety trading and professional sports investments. He is also the CEO of Solo Capital Markets, which according to Company Check UK is an investment consulting firm which also does derivatives, commodities, and foreign exchange. Due to his efforts in the banking and financial services industries, Sanjay Shah has become a very wealthy man. He decided to retire from Solo Capital in January of 2016 and focus all his philanthropic efforts on autism research through his charity, the Autism Rocks Trust. Currently, he lives in Dubai with his wife and family.

March 22, 2016