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The Magical World of Lime Crime Makeup

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Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free brand of makeup. They are based in Los Angeles, California. They offer stylish lipsticks, makeup for the eyes and face, nails, and a variety of hair colors. They are cruelty free because they do not test on animals. They are certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny. Their mission is to produce a makeup line that puts a smile on people’s faces and gives them a way to express themselves without any regrets. They first originated online and since then have become one of the most successful beauty lines on social and digital media. They are setting higher standards for the quality of their products. They have created products to appeal to every mood for every woman.


Lime Crime says that their makeup is for unicorns, which means that it is makeup sure to make you feel magical. Their products are bright and colorful, to bring a sense of happiness. They have infused their ingredients so that their products have a great and powerful color pigmentation. They offer unique hair colors and even have a hair fantasy hair color line. The hair color products are semi-permanent dyes. They do not contain harsh chemicals, therefore will not harm the hair. They have hair colors such as Strawberry Jam, Dirty Mermaid, and many more. It has taken them 3 years to create these wonderful hair dyes. They are meant to last a long time and fade gradually. They also offers pop on nails. They will have your hands looking like you spent hours in the nail salon. They offer a wide range of colors and designs.


The name behind the creation of this wonderful makeup line is founder and CEO Doe Deere. She proclaims to be the Unicorn Queen. She has her own style and makes no apologies for it. She is considered to be a rebel and she is able to express that side through make up. That is a big reason she created Lime Crime. She came out with the her makeup line 2 weeks before Halloween. It was more so because she needed makeup that would match her costume. She is a huge inspiration to other entrepreneurs.

May 20, 2017

Lime Crime – Introducing A New Range Of Hair Dye For The Wild And Imaginative

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For people who do not mind extending their fantasy imagination to reality, Lime Crime, a famous cosmetic company, has recently launched “Unicorn Hair Dye,” and the 13 shades that it offers under this range are simply to die for. If you think you are wild and imaginative, then these offbeat shades provided by the company will take your game one notch ahead. Moreover, the company has put in over three years in the making the Unicorn Hair Dye a reality and has done extensive research before coming up with the 13 shades it has launched.



The best part is that the Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye does not use any harsh synthetic chemicals that can damage the hairs in the long term, such as ammonia or bleach. It is entirely made of Vegan ingredients and comes with an effective tint formulas and full coverage options, which makes its ideal for users with different hairs and coloring preferences. Moreover, Unicorn Hair Dye is not going to cost you a fortune and is reasonably priced at $16, which makes it super affordable for a young audience, the primary market for the brand.



For people wondering about the difference between the two formulas available, Full Coverage and Tints, it would be good to know that Tints are less flamboyant and offer pastel results, whereas full coverage provides complete results and is an ideal choice for users having lightly bleached hairs. As it based on vegetable glycerine, there is no synthetic chemical used in the product that can cause damage to the hair. It is a deposit-only hair dye, which causes no damage to the hair.



The shades available with the Unicorn Hair Dye range includes sext, pony, gargoyle, bunny, dirty mermaid, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, anime, blue smoke, neon peach, Leeloo, salad, and jello. Using this dye is very easy, and one can do it themselves. However, Lime Crime does suggest using the help of a professional, especially for people dyeing the hair for the first time. The longevity of how long the Unicorn Hair Dye would last depends on the condition of the hair, how often it is washed, and depth of the color used. It certainly is one of its kinds products in the market that has the youth bursting with excitement. grab this hair dye here and follow them on instagram.



April 29, 2017

Lime Crime Lip Wear: For The Fun At Heart

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For close to a decade Lime Crime has been offering innovative and exotic cosmetics. Originally just a lipstick brand they have now branched out and offer not only a variety of different lip products but also a variety of different products that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks as well. Lime Crime is known for its adorable packaging as well as it’s bright, bold, playful colors. Over the course of the last 10 years they have sold millions and millions of products to women and even men all over the world. Below are just some of their top leading products on the market today.

The Matte Velvetines


Created by the founder and CEO Doe Deere, the Lime Crime Velvetines were the first product of its kind. It is a liquid lipstick created to give a deep rich pigment but still offer a ton of lasting power. The matte Velvetines are one of Lime Crimes top selling products. Available in a large variety of colors it goes on liquid smooth and dries to a nice soft velvet finish. The Matte Velvetines are touch proof as well as kiss proof and will not bleed or transfer. They are made to last all day.


The Metallic Velvetines


Much like the matte Velvetines the metallic Velvetines are made to offer rich pigment with long lasting power. The metallic Velvetines go on liquid and dry liquid instead of turning into a soft matte velvet. They offer a ton of moisture without sacrificing any of the color. They are touch proof as well as transfer resistant. They come in a large variety of colors and offer a smooth luxurious look.


The Unicorn lipstick


Probably one of Lime Crimes most popular products to date the Unicorn lipstick not only offers bold, fun colors but it also comes in adorable fun packaging. Each unicorn lipstick comes in a pink shimmery lipstick case with an adorable glittery unicorn on it. This is one of their boldest collections offering a large variety of fun colors such as blue, green, purple and even black. They are matte cream formula that are very moisturizing and even smell like cupcakes.


These are just a few of the top lip products that Lime Crime has to offer. With so many bright, fun colors and adorable packaging it is easy to see why it is one of the leading lipstick brands on the market today. Not only is it extremely easy to get as it is widely available online is also very reasonably priced and offer something for everyone.

February 16, 2017

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products Maintain Beautiful Hair

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Beautiful hair like you see on those models in the magazine is possible on your own head. To accomplish flawless hair, it is essential that you’re providing each strand on your head with the TLC needed to thrive. Many products on the market provide the assistance necessary to maintain beautiful home. Rather than waste time and money on the products, conduct research before spending money.

The Internet is an awesome tool available for anyone to use at no cost. It’s a huge virtual world out there, filled with testimonials, reviews, recommendations and more. With this information from trusted sites, you’ll be able to provide your hair with the things it needs to maintain shine, bounce, and overall health and great appearance.

Upon your Internet research, the Wen by Chaz styling product is one you’ll see recommended by many people and mentioned more than many other brands. The product has received so much hype because it makes hair care simple and easy while treating the hair to the ingredients needed to maintain its beauty.

Wen by Chaz is used instead of traditional shampoo. It is used dry, with no water needed. This unique cleaning system provides a 5-in-1 benefit that keeps your hair clean, beautiful, and full of life! The product is used by celebrities and other women who want their hair to speak great things about their style. Don’t you desire being one of these ladies? WEN is available on Amazon and Guthy-Renker online.



November 1, 2016

Salon Glorious in the Comfort of Your Own Shower: Wen by Chaz Dean Products

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Imagine if you could have perfect hair by rubbing Mandarin Italian figs directly on each strand–would you try? Surely you might be questioning just what is so special about this particular fruit and while the compounds found in it have proven to be healthy for hair, it is simply only one of the ingredients found in Wen hair by Chaz Dean opulent hair care products. Celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, understands the nutrients that healthy hair needs to flourish and uses that knowledge as his tool to craft some of the best hair products on the market.

Sure, anyone can boast of accomplishments and promise their blends to restore a person’s hair back to its natural, intended state, but how can they prove it? While Chaz Dean simply put his products on Guthy Renker as his proof, Emily McClure took it upon herself to debunk the mystery behind these natural products. Upon becoming intent on disproving the effectiveness of the products simply because she did not care for the advertisements, she was shocked to discover that Wen’s cleansing conditioner transformed each strand on her head to shiny, more ample locks.

Despite her hair being unable to hold a curl, McClure was ecstatic to discover what her hair could really do when it was full of the right nutrients. Though she now has to refrain from touching her soft hair all of the time, Emily enjoys showing her locks off at her job, in her pictures, and when she is out with friends. In fact, her friends often forget what hair products Emily uses on a daily basis and routinely ask her which salon she just stepped out of! Follow Wen hair on Twitter.

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August 26, 2016