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The Life and Achievements of Betsy DeVos

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Betsy Devos or better known by her full name Elisabeth Dee Devos is a well-known Politician, Philanthropist Business Woman and Activist, that is famous for her numerous achievements as the current United States Secretary of Education. She is currently an active member of the Republican party. Betsy Devos also supports numerous school program vouchers, charter schools, and school choices, which makes her the woman that she is right now. Check this related article from New York Post.

In her early years, Betsy Devos grew up in Michigan, and took up her education at the Holland Christian High School, which is a school situated at the same town where she grew up. After high school, she took up her college education at the Grand Rapids Calvin College, where she earned her degree in arts. In her college years, she had already shown a passion for politics, she joined her school’s political movements and has been able to keep that a part of her up to this day.

Betsy Devos has also been a participant of the Church movement in North America and has also been an active member of the Hill Mars Bible Church also situated in the same area. Her family has been known to be one of Michigan’s richest, she married her husband named Richard Marvin or otherwise known as Dick DeVos, who is a well-known heir to the billion dollar fortune. Dick DeVos has also been a generous and conservative donor to many social causes and political campaigns. He was also named the Michigan Nominee for Republican Governor in 2006.

At present, Betsy Devos has upstretched a total of $150,000 personally for the Bush Campaign Re-election in 2004, as well as host a campaign in her house for Republicans in October of 2008 that was advertised by the President at the time during the Bush organization. For that presidency, she was named the chairperson for finance at the Republican Committee for a period of Two years, and has worked hand in hand with the Government on different projects.

Since it has been mentioned that Betsy Devos has also been a Philanthropist and Activist, through the years, she has contributed and opened many foundations that have been very helpful to the public like the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation, which was formed to help the Community, Arts, Justice, Education, and Leadership. Through this foundation alone, they were able to raise more than $11.6 Million in charitable contributions and has also made a lifetime charitable giving to $139 Million.

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Through this foundation, they have also been able to help a lot of Christian Schools, Hospitals, and Evangelical Missions by donating generous amounts of money. Betsy Devos has also been able to contribute large sums of money to other foundations which she has been known for throughout her career.

June 25, 2017

Celebrating Diversity With Flavio Maluf Of Eucatex

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In the world today, the standard measure of success both individual and organizational has been the achievements and award received. Since this is true, to better appreciate the efforts made by an individual in a certain sector, it is best to break down this wide component further down. When celebrating Flavio Maluf and his contribution in the industry, one key factor I tend to focus on is his diversity.


Flavio Maluf is one of the most celebrated business executives in Brazil and the current President of Eucatex, the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus-based products. Taking up from his predecessors Mr. Maluf’s industrious nature has seen the company grow and expand its presence to a number of countries and continents. This has not been easy, but nonetheless, Flavio Maluf has been able to smoothly pull it off.


Diversity is one quality that has helped Mr. Flavio excel in the industry. Before assuming the top leadership post, Flavio Maluf worked in different capacities in the organization. In 1987, Mr. Flavio joined Eucatex and worked in the trade departed. Some of the duties that he was supposed to handle in this capacity included overseeing the company’s trade operations in the industry and helping to organize for finances. After working for a couple of years, he moved on to the operations department. With the company’s operation, being to produce wood related products Flavio was able to learn a lot during his time at the department.


Despite Eucatex being in operation for a long time in the industry, Mr. Flavio has been able to embrace state of the art equipment hence being able to integrate them into the company’s operations. Thanks to this Eucatex has been able to diversity into two industries namely the furniture industry and the construction industry. In the furniture, the company essentially deals with the manufacture of products such as Fiber plates, MDP and Tamburato while the construction industry deals with the manufacture of doors, paints. Laminated floors and partitions.


As Flavio Maluf continues to spur growth and prosperity in Eucatex, his unique leadership qualities will continue to earn him the reputation he enjoys in the industry.

June 19, 2017

Betsy DeVos Manages Her Time In An Effective Way

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One of the most important habits of a successful individual is how she manages her time. People who have poor time management tend to find themselves slacking off and falling behind on their goals. Betsy DeVos is really good at managing her time. However, her time management is not like what many people would think it is. While some people may deal with breaking their schedule off into segments, Betsy and her husband take the time to focus on their main objective which is improving education for the children. One of the things that she is hoping to bring forth is the type of education that plays to the strengths of each student.

Betsy and Dick are working on approaching this objective in a holistic way. There are different aspects of bringing improvements to the educational system. Some of it is in a direct way. This is one of the best ways to get involved. I find that a lot of people try to help in a way that is very distant. They often go with the bare minimum. However, in some cases that is okay. When people are busy with their lives, they probably only have time for the bare minimum. Betsy DeVos, on the other hand, is heavily involved. This is perhaps because her career centers on this type of activity.

Betsy DeVos has a lot of passion and love for what she is doing. The one thing that helps her is her vision. She is hoping that each children get equal chances in schooling. For one thing, she is looking to protect every child. This includes children that are a little bit outside of the norm. One thing that she has seen is that the educational system is almost exclusive to a certain type of person with certain strengths. School choice helps people find alternative educational systems.

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Betsy DeVos knows that each person has his own strengths. Therefore, she is willing to bring forth an environment that helps people develop every strength no matter what they are. For one thing, people have a short time to learn and capitalize on their strengths. Visit Betsy’s profile on Twitter.

April 20, 2017

Lori Senecal: A Career Woman on The Rise

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Lori Senecal is currently the Global CEO for the CP&B, reports PR Newswires. She took up this position in 2015. She is the female person to hold such a position in the company considering the position was only opened one year prior to her appointment.

CP&B is a member of the MDC Partners. It is an advertising agency that was founded in 1988

In her new position, she has been involved with overseeing the growth and expansion of the company. She also manages the coordination of operations in the nine international firms. It is her expertise and leadership skills that have enabled the company to achieve success in the different disciplines. In a report by Huffington Post, it was through her efforts that the firm was recognized by Advertising Age as the Creativity Innovators of the Year. Lori was also recognized by the agency as the four ‘Agency Executives to Watch in 2016‘.

Lori was the CEO and the chairman of the KBS+ partners. Even though she has let go of her title as the CEO of the firm, she was still serving as the global chairman of the firm until 2015. It was her work at the KBS that put her mark in the corporate world. Under her leadership, the firm grew to achieve new heights. The company moved from a 250-person agency with a 900 people in all the offices and became internationally recognized. Lori joined the KBS in March 2012.

Before joining her current position, Lori was the president and the CEO of the MDC Partner network. In this position, she was responsible for developing strategic goals and vision and also working with other MDC partner agencies to achieve growth.

She has also worked with other companies including the McCann World Group as the Global Chief Innovation Officer and also McCann Erickson as the president. She was with the companies for one year and two years respectively. She helped co-found the TAG Ideation at the company. Other companies that she has worked with include the Coca-cola and Nestle.

In 2013, Lori was honored with a Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and Innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. The following year Lori was named as one of the ‘Women to Watch’ by Advertising Age.

Lori attended the McGill University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance. She is also the member of the Ad Council Board of Directors.

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February 21, 2017

The Challenge Of Maintaining Momentum According to Adam Goldenberg

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As a business gets started, it is actually easy to come up with ideas and plans in order to get the momentum going. However, as the business grows, there tends to be changes in many aspects of it. Along with the changes come new challenges on Some of the challenges are easy to figure out. However, there are plenty of other challenges that people have to work together to overcome because the company is not the only thing that is changing. The industry that the company operates in is also changing. For instance, Adam Goldenberg’s TechStyle is in a rapidly changing fashion industry. Therefore, he has to make sure that he is able to handle the changes that come his way.

Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg has the tools and the knowledge to analyze the markets so that he can stay on top of the changes that are occurring. Therefore, he has an understanding of what to do about his products. He is willing to test many products that he offers to the customers by way of performance on If he sees that the performance is strong, then there will be more of the products available until that demand is satisfied.

It is one thing to be able to keep up with the changes in the industry at It is another thing to actually influence the industry. A company that has influence in the industry is going to have a greater success than the companies that are even good at keeping up with changes. This is one of the goals of Adam Goldenberg with TechStyle and the brands that have grown from it. While bringing forth some really creative trends, Adam is also making sure that his company has a good relationship with his customers. Customers will buy from companies that show a lot of appreciation to the customers.

February 17, 2017

Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

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Mike Baur, who is now a multi-talented entrepreneur, has a long history in the banking and finance sector. His interest in the area began long ago as a young person living in Fribourg, Switzerland, his former home. Perhaps the interest and experience he had are what made him pursue a career later in the banking and finance sector. He attended the University of Rochester and University of Bern where he earned an MBA and an executive MBA respectively.


Mr. Baur has over twenty years of experience in the industry where he spent successful years in the Swiss Banking sector and rose all the way to becoming an executive board member at one of the largest Swiss private banks. He has worked for other banks as well such as Salford and Clariden.


He started entrepreneurship at the age of thirty-nine when he began the Swiss Startup Factory with the sole intention of mentoring and supporting young digital innovators. He started the company with other two co-founders. The firm is owned independently, and it is also privately financed. The Swiss Start-up Factory is the first to be started in Switzerland, and it has accelerator programs which support technopreneurs.


Mike Baur is the Co-founder and also the Chief Executive Officer of The Swiss Start-up Factory. He has a passion for young people who are willing to excel in the field, and that is why he takes a lot of time with those selected to mentor them and also offer financial assistance to ensure they succeed.


Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF)


It began back in the year 2014 in Zurich with the primary goal of identification and offering support to individuals who can thrive in digital entrepreneurship. Their program is run for three months where there is coaching and mentoring. Among the areas they cover are; finances, creating a network with other entrepreneurs, and office space.


It’s vital for young people to be given a chance to showcase their skills in the industry and that is what SSUF does. The accelerator program provides power to young individuals who have specialized in digital technologies. The three-month accelerator program helps the startups to come up with ideas that enable them to work with potential investors.


Mike Baur is doing great in giving back to the community by mentoring ambitious young people who can keep the industry running with their new and innovative ideas. Though the program goes only for three months, it ensures that those selected have honed their skills and can start thriving businesses.



January 5, 2017

Ken Goodgame Challenging the Status Quo

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True Value has a plan to rearrange the structure of its supply chains. This change is twofold in the fact things will differ from the top down and the bottom up at the same time. These the benefits of these changes is intended to effect not just the chain locations but the logistics and global distribution network as well. When all is said and done the end results promise to boost profits for existing retailers and get the ball rolling for the opening of even more stores in the Destination True Value Format. The overlooking the shakeup and wake up revival is Kenneth Goodgame.

Coming in from Ace Hardware, Goodgame replaces retiring Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Clark. Together, the revenue generating Destination True Value model and the new executive plan to strengthen unite each and every one of the company’s 4,000 locations. The power to do this is in his understanding command of the details.

In this case, as in many cases, the profit is in the pricing of merchandise. What this means on the sales floor for the business is to expect not so many opening price points when it comes to assortments. As Kenneth explains it, “No one makes money on opening-price-point product,” This translates to offering a better variety of mid-price-point and even higher-price-point products to customers. In doing this True Value sets itself apart from other discount retailers in the market.

Under his leadership, Goodgame intends to execute a four-point pricing strategy whose design is to reel in every level of customer. This system is constructed from everyday low pricing for the bulk sales, comparative pricing for national brands side by side to private labels and “Pro Paks” when possible. Honestly, the data is still being collected to measure the effectiveness of this plan. A full report and analysis is in the works and should proof most helpful either way it goes.

This new plan and new VP are just icing on the cake that is a previous year of serious profit and growth. The idea is to go all out and all in to bring choice, quality and quantity to True Value customers like never before. Twenty years of experience in the business and a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee says the smart money is on Goodgame.

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November 29, 2016

Southern Methodist University Adds James Dondero to Executive Board for Cox School of Business

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Southern Methodist University recently announced their appointment of James Dondero to the Executive Board of the Cox School of Business. As the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, Dondero will add to the growing list of board members who have a non-academic background. The Executive Board comprises of approximately 100 members who meet three times each year to discuss topics related to the success of the Cox School of Business. Dondero already supports Southern Methodist University through his donations to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. In addition, Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars is a program dedicated to aiding and supporting professionals and academics who work in fields related to public policy.

James Dondero began his education at the University of Virginia and graduate with highest honors. He furthered his education at the McIntire School of Commerce where he received double majors in Financing and Accounting. To further advance his expertise, Dondero pursued several esteemed certifications. In total, Dondero is certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Management Accountant as well as a Certified Public Accountant. Dondero’s first professional position was held at the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst in 1984. Around the same time, American Express hired Dondero as a Corporate Bonds Analyst. He was soon promoted to Portfolio Manager with over $1 billion of assets under his protection and management. Dondero’s next project was growing the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life. Within a span of 5 years, Dondero grew the business from inception to a value of over $2 billion.

Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 by James Dondero and his partner Mark Okada. Under Dondero’s leadership as president, the company grew to become one of the most trusted providers of alternative credit solutions in the market. Additionally, Highland Capital Management is the leading pioneer in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation market. In addition to CLOs, Highland Capital Management offers several other award-winning services. They offer products and services surrounding private funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs and more. In addition to residing as president for Highland Capital Management, James Dondero also serves on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

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Highland Capital Powerhouse President, James Dondero

November 29, 2016

Principal of Diversant John Goullet

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Diversant is a technology staffing firm that helps a number of technology professionals seek employment. It also helps many companies look for and hire the professionals that best meet their needs. With the assistance and guidance provided by Diversant, both technology professionals and companies will be in great position to reach their goals. The firm known as Diversant has distinguished itself as a leading technology staffing firm by adopting the core values of diversity, teamwork and discipline. The firm realizes that in order to find the best professionals for companies, it needs to make a collaborative effort to work with staff members, professionals and companies. With this effort, they will be able to easily find the right technology professionals for their clients. Along with teamwork, Diversant emphasizes discipline to steadily work towards fulfilling objectives and helping a variety of professionals and companies on a regular basis.

One of the reasons why Diversant has established itself as a leading technology staffing company is its leadership. The firm is currently led by its principal John Goullet. For nearly two decades, John Goullet has distinguished himself as a top technology consultant and executive. Since he is well aware of the current technology needs of companies, he is able to find the right talent for them through his organization. While Goullet is an expert at helping companies find ideal employees, he is also knowledgeable of what skills and abilities technology professionals need in order to advance their career. Goullet also believes that adopting values of discipline, teamwork and diversity will allow everyone at the firm and the clients to get the most desirable outcome when it comes to staffing.

John Goullet began his career as a computer consultant for a number of companies. At these companies, John would manage the technology systems and make recommendations on what will best benefit the company. He would also give them advice on how to operate hardware and software along with how to take advantage of the latest advances in computer technology. In the mid 1990’s, John noticed that a number of companies were looking to hire technology professionals. Therefore he started up his own firm and helped companies meet this demand. He would eventually merge his company with Diversant and become the firm’s principal.

November 29, 2016

Shaygan Kheradpir; Sending Coriant Soaring to New Heights

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Shaygan Kheradpir has an extensive background in the telecommunications industry, working in conjunction with companies like Verizon, Nokia, and GTE. We now look to Mr. Kheradpir’s recent comeback as the new acting CEO of Coriant. Though much debate has followed, Mr. Kheradpir is well ready for the position, spending most of 2015 before his appointment as CEO working with Marlin Equity Partners.

This particular role is probably the most important role he has played yet. “Marlin Equity Partners is a private equity company that built Coriant by stitching together the optical unit of Nokia, Tellabs and part of Sycamore Networks.” (LightReading) In 2015, Shaygan Kheradpir took over the position CEO of Marlin Equity Partners, to then become acting CEO of Coriant and allow Marlin Equity Partners to go back into the hands of its former CEO.

After learning from the parent company, Kheradpir takes his 28 years of industry experience to the Coriant. Coriant has about 500 contracts raking in about 1 billion dollars in revenue a year. Though this seems like acceptable numbers to most, Kheradpir is focused on helping the company reach higher goals. “He plans to position Coriant as a vendor focused on large customers and carriers and expects to build on a successful track record of supplying packet-optical systems.” (FierceTelecom)

Since Kheradpir’s involvement Coriant has made deals with carriers such as “Australia’s NBN, BSNL, China Unicom, and Telia Sonera International Carrier.” It’s no surprise that Shaygan Kheradpir has been making such strides. After serving as an Executive Partner for GTE, he was Executive Vice President for Verizon, and then helped build Barclays bank as the chief operations and technology officer. With Kheradpir’s background in telecom and finance we see a CEO who has all of the skills to take Coriant to the top of the stocks.

According to

FierceTelecom “Kheradpir’s key task as CEO will be to drive new sales of its equipment to meet service providers’ 100G to multi-terabit coherent metro and long haul transport deployments, hyper-scale data center and cloud infrastructure build-outs, and mobile back haul upgrades to accommodate 4G and upcoming 5G deployments.” We will see a very bright future ahead for Coriant and Shaygan Kheradpir alike.

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July 29, 2016