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Andy Wirth Gondola: Squaw Valley Ski Resort

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United States commands a huge share of the largest and funkiest ski resort avenues in the whole world. On an annual basis, there are over 1billion visitors both domestic and international who flock various skiing resorts all over the United States.One of the renowned resorts that offer one of the largest ski areas in the United States is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. The famous resort is located in the Olympic Valley in California. The sites boast 3600 acres of skiable space with over 30 chairlifts, and the only funitel in the whole of United States.

The scenic aerial tram ways blend with the panoramic view of the valley, which sits strategically to the west of Lake Tahoe.

When you come to enjoy the skiing, additional facilities offered by the resort will leave yearning for more time at the resort. The facilities that the tourists have access to include, a pool, rollers skating, mouthwatering dishes and shopping facilities

The Squaw Valley resort is now regarded as the US top resort for ski lovers. The resort has highly skilled team to ensure you have a great experience.One of the individuals that have made a major contribution towards the success of this company is none other than its C.E.O Mr. Andy Wirth.

The 52 year old has diligently worked to ensure that Squaw Valley Resort becomes what it is today.Mr. Wirth began his career in hospitality in 1986 where he worked at Steamboat Springs Resort, and from there he has worked in different places hence gathering enough experience that has enabled him to effectively steer the company forward.

Mr. Andy’s hard work is widely recognized by several professional bodies and individuals. His determination and desire for professionalism earned him several awards including the famous Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award. Other important honorary award includes the 2014 award for Citizen of the Year By disabled Sports.He is a man who has a promising career and has great plans for his company.

November 20, 2015