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Mighty Faith At Mighty Fortress Church

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“You’ve got to take the Word that you hear, mix it with faith, and put some DRIVE in it.” That’s part and parcel of the message the good people of Mighty Fortress Church, in Minneapolis, MN, hear from Bishop Thomas R. Williams.

As president and founder of Mighty Fortress International Ministries, Bishop Williams delivers Bible-based teachings that emphasize how to live victoriously as a Christian. His no-nonsense approach offers practical principles to apply the Word. Visit to know more.

People new to Mighty Fortress church, or to churchgoing in general, always have questions. In particular, what is the atmosphere like, what do the services entail and what makes it unique.

Mighty Fortress Church is a body of believers who encompass all races and cultures in a loving and accepting way, encouraging all to come as they are. There is little formality in this church. Rather, it is warm and inviting. Watch this video on Youtube.

Worship is focused on God and what He has done in everyone’s lives. As a body, God blesses, restores and inspires in return for worship. There is music provided by a band and choir. Prayers are offered in complete belief that they will be answered in the name of Jesus.

Lives are being changed at Mighty Fortress Church through practical application of God’s Word. People create lasting relationships with other believers and deepen their personal relationship to Christ.

Bishop Williams leads his congregation with an intense sincerity in God’s Word and explains if one is not listening, “it’s not gonna happen.” Though soft-spoken, the Pastor’s declaration that we’ve “got to recognize that Satan comes for your faith in God” is, nonetheless, adamant.

Thomas Williams graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center with a degree in Ministry. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from North Central University in Mass Communications and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary. Married, with three children, he and his family live their lives for God and ministry. His prayer is that God “make me a man of God.”


March 20, 2018