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Idaho To Keep Teaching About Climate Change

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The State of Idaho has long had a battle over the idea of teaching about man-made climate change in science classrooms or not. The legislature in the state had actually voted on a bill that eliminated the very mention of the term “climate change” from all teaching standards in the state. That was a critical decision with serious impacts.

While that was what the House in Idaho wanted, it was not to be in the long run. The Department of Education in Idaho put in new standards that did include climate change, and the State Senate voted to maintain those standards rather than the House standards just recently. This was important because it helped to draw to a close the battle over this issue for the time being.

This is not to say that it will not flair up again at some later date. As a matter of fact, there is a strong likelihood that this will happen. It remains such a heated issue in Idaho that most people in the state truly believe that it will not be resolved for some time.

This is frustrating for scientists and others in the state who understand that climate change is a real thing. The fact that the state is using resources to have this argument does not make a lot of sense during a time when so many state government budgets are strapped for resources to begin with. Considering that, it is obvious that this debate is a bit of a distraction to say the least.

March 22, 2018